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2 1/2" Thick Walnut Top




Table Tops are Available in Any Size

This top as shown is Character Black Walnut with a Natural finish. The lumber is harvested in cold climate North Eastern and Mid Western USA. Character Black Walnut is a cut of lumber characterized by exposed light colored streaks within rich darkish brown tones. To achieve a striking look while offering an exceptional value we carefully fill the occasional sound knots with black Epoxy and when sanded and clear coated with our exclusive Catalyzed Urethane Conversion Varnish will be a silky smooth finish reminiscent of the works of George Nakashima and Sam Maloof. Also available at a premium is a more Mid Century look utilizing Heartwood harvested from the center of the log eliminating all Knots and most if not all of the Sap-Wood light color streaking. Sap Wood is the color of the wood within 2" to 3" of the bark on the tree. When most people choose our "Character Walnut" It is not generally a price choice, it's a design choice. All of our Walnut tops are standard plank which means full length boards of random widths. Smoothly sanded and bar topped. An optional hand rubbed oil stain is also available to add additional color choices. Surface treatment options include: "V" groove planks, Distressing, hand planing, radiuses, bullnosing and chiseling.Contact our Contract Sales Department for more information.

1-3/8" is our most popular thickness, but when you want thick tops we have no limitations Shown is 2-1/2". We don't use a built up edge. Shown is 2-1/2" all the way through. Our clear coat Urethane satin Conversion Varnish bar top is unmatched in the industry. We still can finish them in any shade from the natural to Onyx and everything in between.

Available in different finishes and sizes, Example as follows either round or square: