Your Restaurant Booth Furniture Is Ready for New Trends

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Restaurant Booths

The lines between what was hot, what is hot and what is going to be
hot in the dining industry are always blurred. It wasn
t that long ago
that everyone was adding cupcakes, cocktails and croissants to their menus just
to meet demand. Today it is locally made beer and beer cocktails, pretzel buns
and gourmet donuts.

Even as they are dropping the dough in the deep fryer to make those
fancy sweets, restaurateurs are looking forward to see what trends are due
next. It looks like comfort foods of all sorts may make the leap to the top of
the food charts in the coming year.

Desserts Turn to Ice Cream

It would appear that desserts are turning colder. Ice cream sandwiches
are seeing an increase in popularity, and we are not talking about the Good
Humor truck variety. These feature alcoholic flavors, avocado sorbet and cereal
infused blends.

Sandwiches are the most popular of the innovations. Again, these
involve frozen fruits instead of a cookie, or gingerbread crisps over siracha
flavored ice cream. Mixing and matching flavors and textures seems to be a
common theme everywhere.

Tea and Tea Cocktails at the Bar Tables

At the bar, things are turning towards tea. Again, these are different
teas than what you remember growing up
. Cocktails can be made from unusual teas, such as
s Pu-erh tea or a curry infused tea used in a bloody Mary. How about a
Lavender Pear martini made with a lavender citrus infusion? It seems the more
adventuresome you are, the better, so get those bar tables and chairs cleaned
up and join the movement.

Biscuits on the Table

Rather than rolls, biscuits are taking over the baskets. Sure, some
restaurants have been serving biscuits for a long while, but they are turning
up in unexpectedly high class restaurants as well. Biscuits can be flavored
with a seemingly endless variety of ingredients. Make them savory and they are
ideal accompaniments for main courses. Sweetened, they are the basis for a
great dessert.

Whether these are really the trends that are coming down the line or
not, it is always good to keep an eye on the possibilities. That also
translates to what you should do with your interior design.

Dining Room Trends

The dining room is another place for you to take on impending trends.
Restaurants are paying close attention to the green movement when it comes time
to renovate. These changes are relatively painless and simple. For example,
pick flooring that is made of sustainably harvested woods, or repurpose lumber
that was taken out of old barns. Opt for low-VOC paints, or leave walls bare
for an industrial look that requires few materials.

Talk with your restaurant suppliers if you need ideas about which
trends are best suited to your particular business. They will be full of
helpful advice.