Why Restaurateurs Should Support Local Businesses

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Local Business

When working towards getting the restaurant booths full, managers
consider a variety of options. One of
the things often furthest from their minds in these situations, though, is the
location of their restaurant suppliers for things like having new menus printed
and purchasing ingredients. There are
some advantages to staying local.

Supporting the Local Community
They say it takes a village to raise a child, and in reality, this rule
can also be applied to any local business. When restaurateurs work directly with local suppliers, they’re ensuring
that money is staying within their local economy.

This might not seem like much of a benefit to some, but in reality, it
will directly affect a restaurant’s profits. Every business in a community is only as strong as the local
economy. If companies start shutting
down due to a lack of support, people will simply stop frequenting the area. So by supporting other local businesses, a
restaurateur can help to ensure consumers are still filling up their restaurant

Local Is Environmentally Friendly
As it turns out, purchasing locally can also help save the world. When restaurateurs purchase food from
national retailers, they often have to have products shipped over long
distances. This equates to more
greenhouse gases related to transportation. Since a full 28 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come directly from
transportation-related activities, this can prove detrimental.

By helping reduce global warming, a restaurant will have a
socially-responsible selling point, like those mentioned below, to add in their
marketing. Even better, though, is the
fact that many municipalities are now offering tax breaks to businesses that
purchase their ingredients within the community. These small governments understand that
staying local can help the environment and the economy. So even though it’s a relatively newer
movement, there’s no doubt that more cities across America will soon take part.

Locally Grown Food Provides a Great Marketing
Sticking with local food providers can help fill up the cafe chairs in
any restaurant. This is thanks to the
marketing opportunities provided by engaging in local sourcing. If restaurateurs are purchasing their food
from a national distributor, the most they can really say is "Hey, we have
good food."

For eateries who purchase food and ingredients locally, however,
certain keywords can quickly increase their marketing impact. Having "locally grown" or
"farm-fresh" on a menu is a great way to sell those items, and
letting the surrounding community know about it by integrating the terms into
your marketing message means socially responsible consumers are more likely to
come visit.

Getting people into the restaurant booths is definitely the goal of
running an eatery, but that can’t be all that’s focused on. From supporting the local economy to putting
on the face of a socially-responsible business, the benefits of staying within
the community are numerous. In the end,
these and other benefits can prove very profitable for a restaurant.