Why Restaurateurs Should Spy on their Competition’s Social Media

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of the most successful entrepreneurs out there—whether the tools of their trade
are hammers and nails or bar tables and appetizers—have stated that they
prospered because they focused on only themselves. While this is one potential
option for success, it’s apparent that sometimes it’s necessary to peek in on
one’s competition. This is especially the case for restaurants since there can
be hundreds of competitors within a few miles. With that in mind, here are a
few reasons every restaurateur should spy on their competitors’ social

Ideas for Successful Promotions
need to realize that, if they run a successful promotion that has significant
reach on social media, their competitors will soon be running a similar
strategy. It’s just the way the business is, and if a culinary entrepreneur
wants a packed house on Friday night, they should certainly start playing by
the same rules.

not necessary to follow and peek at every area restaurants’ social media sites,
but if two eateries are targeting the same demographic, it doesn’t hurt to pay
attention. If a direct competitor does something that really works, restaurant
owners should take the time to figure out how a similar idea could be utilized
at their establishment.

Where They’re Dropping the Ball
great benefit of occasionally snooping on restaurant competitors’ social media
sites is that it becomes obvious where they’re dropping the ball. Very few businesses
have perfect marketing strategies, and this is especially the case for
restaurateurs who view social media as an annoying necessity and simply handle
it on their own.

restaurateurs see where their competitors are lacking, it’s possible to create
a strategy or promotion that feeds off of it. If a competitor isn’t sharing
interesting posts with their patrons or appealing to their demographic, it
becomes much simpler to target people based on the competition’s failures.

do this effectively, though, it’s necessary to keep an eye on their page

What’s Coming Next
smaller markets, there often aren’t any “big reveals” or top secret marketing
ideas that we don’t already know. If a restaurateur takes a seat at a bar
table, pulls up their competitor’s Facebook and sees an indication that
something new is on the horizon, though, it gives them a chance to craft an
appropriate response.

the eatery is throwing a party to celebrate a little-known holiday. Maybe
they’re unveiling a new menu. Whatever the case, knowing what the competitor is
about to do provides an opportunity to quickly come up with a counter-promotion
and focus on keeping the restaurant furniture full, even
if people are temporarily caught up by the competition.

there are business owners and marketers out there who claim that “spying” on
the competition is immoral, that simply is not the case. Companies have always
watched their competition. In fact, it’s a bit negligent not to do so when
trying to build success. Take the time to occasionally peek on competitors, and
those bar tables might just stay packed.