What Other Options Do You Have with Commercial Restaurant Equipment?

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Commercial Restaurant Equipment

When it comes to stocking your restaurant you should always
opt for commercial restaurant equipment. The quality is well worth the extra
investment of capital. But, do you always have to pick the top of the line?
Perhaps not.

Leasing May Work

The same companies that offer you quality restaurant
equipment to purchase may also provide leasing options. If you aren
t sure if you need a new piece, ask about trying one out on a
lease. If you use the item constantly, then spend the money and buy it after
your lease is up. If the article sits about and is rarely employed, you can
send it back after your lease is up.

Another good time to lease equipment is when you need
things for the short term. You may need some additional stations, tables and
chairs during the summer months for an outdoor eating area. When the weather
changes, they go back to the lessors and you have no storage worries.

Flexibility Built In

If you dont buy your dining
room tables and chairs you have a great deal of built in flexibility. As trends
change you can make an easy switch to a new style. All you have to do is give
your supplier a call and get them to pick up your current furniture and drop
off your new selection.

Flexibility extends to the ability to get specific pieces
for particular events. Are you hosting a private party that requires larger
tables? Lease some for that day. Is the flow just not working out? See what you
can do to switch some of the pieces you have for something else.

What About Used?

Long before you consider getting residential pieces you
should look at second-hand items. Many suppliers offer discounts on second hand
tables and chairs, ovens, refrigeration units and more. They may have leased
that equipment to other customers, and now want to reduce their inventory.

You can pick up some great bargains this way. The key is
maintenance. Make sure anything you purchase has been serviced regularly and
you should be good to go.

Catering Capers

One great way to increase your sales is to venture into the
realm of catering. Many restaurants find this to be a good way to get out into
the community and increase brand recognition. Of course the commercial
equipment you need to do this successfully is different than what you use

To serve efficiently and safely you must have the right
equipment. This is an area where your restaurant supplier can help. They can
provide a basic list of needed pieces and even make suggestions that will help
you organize the process most effectively.

There is no doubt that commercial restaurant equipment is a
basic need for every restaurateur. Making a connection with a flexible and
professional company will make every day better.