What Kind of Dinnerware Are You Choosing for Your Restaurant Dining Sets?

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Food Critic

Designing your restaurant’s style is a full scale project. It takes the
right combination of restaurant dining sets, dinnerware, décor and ambiance. To
create your vision, you need to consider all these aspects and more, long
before you open your doors—but it is never too late to make it all work. Let’s
look at some options.

Pick the Right Style

Dinnerware is always in flux. What is hot today may be passé tomorrow.
Fortunately, it is also one of the least expensive things you can change. Even
with a limited budget, you can expect to make a big difference in the
appearance of your dining room.

Today, color is making a big splash. Fortunately, this is a trend you
can follow no matter what kind of restaurant you own. For example, a casual eatery can select
melamine dishes which are both durable and lightweight. Dishes are available in
a variety of shapes and sizes and can accommodate just about any type of

For the midscale establishment a bit more “class” is expected. Melamine
is no longer the material of choice, simple porcelain is more appropriate.
Gently sloped sides, rounded platters and coordinated accessories are a good combination.
Small, individual-sized serving dishes are another option, giving the customer
a personalized experience and meal. Few things say premium as much as
individual servings that have not come from a communal pot.

Upscale restaurateurs can really make a stand with unique, striking
dishes. No need to stick to traditional shapes like circles and ovals here,
consider squares, rectangles and even triangles. Colors can be bold,
ornamentation dramatic and even free-form. Just keep in mind that you don’t
want to overshadow the food with your dishes.

Where to Put that New Dinnerware

Now that you have given your dishes some thought, take a look at your
restaurant dining sets. Like the canvas for a painting, you want the table upon
which you set your dishes to look right. Are your tables clean, in good
condition and suitable to your style of cuisine? If not, are the problems easy
to resolve with a few small changes? A coat of paint and a few turns of a screwdriver
may be all you need; if not then talk to your restaurant supplier.

Suppliers to the Rescue

If you already bought new dishes, or were thinking about doing so,
chances are you already spoke to a supplier; some specialize, dealing only with
equipment or food, while others generalize and can help you with everything you
need to run your restaurant. To purchase restaurant furniture you want someone
with plenty of knowledge about the industry. Such a professional will be able
to set you up with the restaurant dining sets you need to present a uniform,
attractive picture in your dining room. Such a setting will draw in your guests
and encourage them to stay. Connecting with a good supplier will make all
aspects of restaurant ownership easier and help you keep your dinnerware, and
seating, ready for action.