Using Surveys to Get Feedback from Restaurant Patrons

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of the best ways to keep cafe tables full is to make sure restaurant patrons
are happy, and one of the best ways to do this is continually getting
Unfortunately, this doesn’t
always come easy.
Many guests, whether
satisfied or angry, are content with just going home and not giving their
experience another thought.
This is why
restaurateurs should use surveys and make the effort to get patrons to respond.

a Restaurant Incentive to Complete a Survey
of how simple a restaurant’s survey is, it requires a bit of work on the part
of the guest.
As with most things in
life, not much comes free.
This means
that guests shouldn’t be expected to devote their time to doing a survey when
they’re getting nothing in return.

their "reward" doesn’t have to be extravagant.
Some restaurateurs give patrons a free drink
right at the bar tables if they take a moment to fill out a "Guest
Experience" card.
Others offer a
discount on a guest’s next visit for filling out the survey.
Incentives can go a long way in the food and
beverage industry, so it never hurts to throw in a "kickback."

Surveys Easy to Complete
more about a restaurant guest’s experience doesn’t require a graduate-level
essay to be completed by them.
questions about the service, food, drinks and overall experience can go a long
way in helping a restaurant improve itself.
This is why all surveys should be simple enough to complete in a minute
or so, right from the eatery’s cafe tables.

could mean a survey on paper the size of an index card, with small boxes to
Of course, leaving a few lines
for elaboration at the end helps as well.
Better yet, offer the survey via social media. An incentive still helps in these instances,
but the ease of completing an online questionnaire will definitely get a few
Also, make the survey
available on the main website.

Action on Negative Experiences
will occasionally be upset customers at the cafe tables, but this doesn’t mean
that they’re going to speak up.
Oftentimes, though, they’ll fill out a survey to express their
When this happens,
responding appropriately is the only way to get an upset patron back into the
restaurant booths of an eatery.

someone leaves negative comments about the food or service, make sure to take
this up with the employees of the restaurant.
If the guest left their contact information, though, it’s imperative to
take an extra step and get in contact with the patron.
Apologize for the incident and promise that
it will never happen again.
Also, offer
them an incentive to come back in.
will all go a long way in making things right.

restaurant patrons don’t make their voices heard, there’s scant chance of an
eatery improving any of its flaws.
Fortunately, surveys offer the chance for these guests to speak out, and
if something went awry with their experience, the information provided can
assist in eventually improving an establishment.