Using Music to Perfect a Restaurant’s Ambiance

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Live Music Restaurant

Whether an eatery defines itself through its fancy restaurant dining
sets or by the vintage local décor spread throughout the establishment, there’s
no doubt that countless other factors go into the overall ambiance. One of the most important aspects, which,
unfortunately, sometimes gets overlooked, is the music that’s playing in the
background. This is why selecting the
right restaurant music is so important.

Don’t Leave It to the Staff
One of the biggest mistakes a restaurateur can make is leaving the
music decisions up to a member of the staff. This often results in the first person who shows up to set the cafe
tables choosing the music for the day. Unfortunately, many staff members will simply choose the music that they
enjoy the most, and, in all likelihood, they’ll choose an inappropriate volume
for the eatery.

That expensive restaurant dining set won’t seem so fancy if Jay-Z is
playing in the background, will it? How
about Beethoven going during a hip bar’s happy hour? Restaurateurs need to decide which music fits
their eatery best, and they need to make sure that this is the music that’s

Consider the Time of Day
It’s also important to recognize that different music might be
desirable for different times of day. Brunch crowds might enjoy jazz to keep them relaxed as their day kicks
into high gear. Late night on the
weekends, however, might open the door for more upbeat, loud and exciting music
to be played. Check out the general
feeling of those in the restaurant booths throughout the day to help make this

Choose the Right Genre of Music
The type of music that should be played in a specific restaurant isn’t
dependent on the staff’s or restaurateur’s personal preferences. Though it may sound strange, every restaurant
has its own personality. Finding this
personality is essential in choosing the right music.

Is an eatery filled with bar stools or bistro chairs? Does the décor consist of fancy artwork or
photos of people who tried to eat the 4-pound burger? Is the typical patron a businessman just
getting off work or a college student trying to wind down after a test? Use this information to make a selection, and
for restaurateurs who find this difficult, internet radio sites like have prepared restaurant playlists categorized by restaurant

Don’t Go Cheap on the Sound System
If a restaurateur is going to have music in their establishment, it’s
essential that they not suddenly become cheap when it comes to the system. This isn’t to say being frugal isn’t
okay. After all, the system shouldn’t
cost more than the restaurant dining furniture. Fortunately, thanks to technological advances, it’s simple to have a
decent system without breaking the bank.

An iPod, or even a basic CD player, is the most important aspect of an
eatery’s sound system. From there, small
speakers can be dotted throughout the restaurant. Smaller speakers can be "daisy
chained" together, and for those who want to spend the extra few dollars,
wireless speakers are perfect.

Sitting at a restaurant dining set with even the finest meal can get
old, but the right music can take that feeling away for most patrons. Restaurateurs who simply follow the
aforementioned steps will be a step up over their competition.