Use Replacement Parts to Save Money on Restaurant Dining Sets

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Before you set yourself up for constant replacement of your
restaurant dining sets, take a look at the replacement parts available. Most
restaurant tables are modular, for example, allowing you to replace a base or a
top without having to throw out the whole thing. For the restaurateur running
on a limited budget, a few basic DIY skills and a list of available parts can
make a huge difference.

Regular Maintenance Prevents Problems

Any time your staff notices that something is loose or
wobbly, they should bring it to the manager’s attention. Such pieces should be taken off the floor as
soon as possible and evaluated. More often than not, you will find that a shaky
chair or table has a loose screw. Tightening it as soon as possible will keep
the problem from getting worse and prevent further damage. But, what if the
problem is more serious?

Torn Vinyl or Upholstery

Seats take a lot of abuse, and most of it is unintentional.
That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. If you were forward thinking you ordered
extra material when you ordered your upholstered chairs, but most people don’t
think that far ahead. Common upholstery patterns are mass produced so you should
be able to replace such fabrics. Contact the manufacturer and ask for what you

Structural Components

What do you do if the whole seat is broken? Once again,
small repairs are usually enough. Replacing the bottom board, placing new
padding and covering it with the appropriate fabric will give you a whole new

Tables often suffer from similar issues. Bolts on the bottom
loosen over time. When the problem can no longer be solved by simply tightening
a screw, a professional repair may be in order. This will be much cheaper than
replacing the whole table.

Such a repair may involve drilling new holes in the bottom
of the table, turning the top a bit and re-attaching it. Filler may be used to
make the existing screw holes more stable. There are several such ways to
stabilize the tabletop that don’t require a full replacement.

If there are no more options left, keep in mind that just
replacing the top is cheaper than replacing the whole table. This is why it is
generally best to purchase your dining room furniture as a modular combination.

Keep a Handyman on Hand

While many of these small repairs can be managed by someone
with fairly basic tool skills, it may not be the most effective use of your
time. Every good restaurant should have the number of a professional handyman
on file. This individual will be able to do more than offer maintenance and
repairs for your dining room furniture. They will be able to help you keep your
whole restaurant in tip-top shape; and that’s really what you want, after all.