Trends in Restaurant Furniture

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It is always a little hard to predict trends in the
restaurant industry. What is immensely popular one day may be passé the next;
take cupcakes for example. It is even harder to keep on top of furniture

Furniture seems to be one of those things that you should
only have to think about once, unless you remodel. Unfortunately, that isn’t
the case. Restaurant furniture trends, just like menu items, are constantly
changing and if you want to present the “happening” image to your customers,
you need to know what is coming down the pike.

Ecological Options

It is hard to deny the increasing interest in ecologically
friendly solutions. Whether that
translates into locally sourced ingredients, a backyard garden for the kitchen,
or safely crafted furniture is up to you. A bit of everything is not a bad idea either. No matter how you pursue
the eco-trend, make sure you let your guests know about it.

The days of irresponsibly harvested wooden restaurant tables
and chairs are in the past. Today, you can get furniture made of recycled
plastics, sustainably harvested woods, bamboo, and cork. Glass is popular because it can be reused
endlessly and many metal and plastic pieces can too. It’s easier to change out
the table top rather than throwing away perfectly usable legs or bases.

Eco-friendly choices can be suitable both inside and out, and
you can even incorporate a planting area if your waiting area’s benches are
wooden. Look for places where you can increase ecologically responsible choices
for greater appeal.

Making it Homey

Turning your restaurant into a rec room is another
interesting trend. Dark tones, leather
furniture, and wood paneling takes guests back to their favorite “man cave.”
This is a particularly appropriate look for an eatery that wants to attract a
male clientele. A cigar and martini bar is a great place for this décor. Invest
in bar tables and televisions, a few easy chairs, and a fine selection of high-end
liquor and you have created a place where all the men will want to hang out.

Table or Booth?

If you are going to offer your guests booths, make sure they
are comfortable, well designed for a bit of privacy, and capable of taking
constant abuse. Children are particularly hard on booths, but parents prefer
them since it is easier to corral a kid in an enclosed space.

You can still opt for ecologically friendly fabrics or vinyl
and hit that trend too. However, expect
to change the upholstery on a regular basis. This is an easy way to keep up
with color trends as well. Booths are the ultimate chameleon in restaurant
furniture trends.

Contact your restaurant supplier to discuss what they see trending
at the moment. Such a company will have the most accurate idea of what they are
selling at any given time. If you develop a good relationship with your
supplier, you will not only be able to stay on top of furniture trends, but
will probably be able to stay ahead of them.