Tips for Restaurateurs Hosting Live Events

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Restaurant Live Event

not too often that patrons occupy restaurant furnishings for something other
than a great meal, but when they do, it’s usually because an event at the
establishment has been properly promoted. Whether it’s a live music event or an open-to-the-community cooking
class, these types of happenings are a great way to get an eatery noticed in
the local area. Of course, this is
assuming the event goes well, and here are a few tips to help restaurateurs
ensure it does.

Consider Live Streaming
the Event
not all restaurant events make sense to live stream, this tactic is a great
idea if the entertainment is a band or other type of performer. While this may seem counterproductive since
people will be able to simply watch from home, it’s important to remember that most
individuals would prefer the entire live experience rather than viewing it on a
computer screen.

addition, live events will get noticed on social media, and this turns into a
bit of extra marketing towards consumers who may not have graced any restaurant
furnishings in months. This can get them
motivated for the next live event. Ustream and YouTube offer live streaming services, and keep in mind that
it’s okay to record events such as cooking classes and upload later for added

Offer Live Event
live music for patrons at bar tables seems like a great way to bring in
additional revenue, and that’s because it is. In these situations, though, it’s smart to offer drink specials. This ensures that individuals visiting just
for the music actually spend money, and if they enjoy themselves, they’re more
likely to come back when no event is taking place.

more low key events, such as the aforementioned cooking classes, it also
doesn’t hurt to offer some form of promotion. Advertising free wine for those who attend or simply promising "$5
Off" coupons can go a long way. Incentives will bring more people in and keep them coming back.

Consider Hosting
Alternative Events
educational gatherings or live entertainment is a great idea to liven up an
eatery, but it’s important to also think outside the box if the intent is to
fill up the restaurant furnishings with different demographics. Hosting a trivia night every so often, for
instance, will bring in a specific subset of patrons who might not be interested
in typical live events.

days can also be turned into events. Hosting holiday parties or even fantasy football drafts is a great way
to bring in new patrons. Again, offering
promotions can go a long way in these instances. Hopefully,
people will respond well to these events so that the commercial restaurant
equipment in the back will get a good workout.

marketing, delicious food and perfect service go a long way in making a
restaurant successful. But getting down
to the bottom line, it’s necessary to stand out. Offering live events is a great way of doing
this, and if everything goes right, those restaurant furnishings could soon be
filled on a nightly basis.