Tips for Hiring Seasonal Restaurant Employees

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Restaurant Employees

are a variety of reasons a restaurateur might have short-term
staffing needs that require additional hires. Whether this is
because the holiday season is rolling around or a certain huge
attraction is rolling into town, the point is that this need will
occasionally arise. For many restaurant owners, especially those
running local eateries, this may seem daunting. By employing these
helpful tips, however, getting a few good men – and women – can be a
painless endeavor.

Jobs in the Right Places
restaurateurs may be worried about teaching seasonal help to properly
operate commercial restaurant equipment, this task will not even come
up if the jobs aren’t promoted appropriately. The owner will, of
course, want to advertise positions in traditional ways, such as
online job boards, newspaper ads and even posts to Facebook, but
seasonal positions present another key opportunity.

important to remember that seasonal employees are often needed right
when young adults have free time. Whether the pub tables and chairs
fill up during spring break or onslaughts of patrons start converging
on the eatery near Christmas, these are times when seniors in high
school and young college students are released from their scholarly
duties. This means job postings should also be listed on community
and college boards.

All Seasonal Help Simultaneously
effort of training new employees can be one of the most costly and
time-consuming a restaurateur will ever see. This is especially the
case when employee retention isn’t predictable and new hires could be
needed at any time. Fortunately, restaurant owners know well in
advance when they’ll need additional help, and this means training
costs can be reduced.

simply planning a single training session, or two if necessary, it’s
possible to teach all seasonal employees what they need to know
simultaneously. Instead of taking three hours to teach three workers
how to work that commercial restaurant equipment, one hour can be
spent showing all three at the same time. It’s all about working
smarter, not harder, and combining training sessions does just that.

Relationships with Seasonal Employees
could be tempting to simply look at seasonal employees as short-term
guests who will never come through again. In many instances,
however, this simply isn’t the case. By developing good
relationships and treating these workers fairly, a restaurateur can
ensure that the seasonal help from this year, who have a bit of
experience at this point, come back next year.

developing a camaraderie with these employees will reduce the rate of
turnover during these busy seasonal times. Happy employees stay
where they are, even if they know it’s only temporary. Make sure
they’re not overworked, that they know how to handle what they’re
doing, and that they can catch a periodic break in a restaurant booth
if it’s available.

seasonal employees may not be around for the long haul, they’re still
important in achieving success. Just like restaurant dining sets,
commercial restaurant equipment and full-time employees, seasonal
workers are an integral part in keeping a restaurant running