Time to Purchase a Few More Restaurant Chair and Table Sets

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For a very brief moment food trucks seemed to be making
great strides, and in some cities that may still be the case. Portland, Seattle
and even Baton Rouge still find this a growing market. However in many cities,
New York and Chicago among them, restaurateurs are finding that the trend has
hit its peak. It may be time to purchase some additional restaurant chair and
table sets to meet indoor demand.

How to Transition

Since food trucks seem to have reached saturation level,
leaving little room for more vehicles or ideas, owners have to rethink their
business models. For those whose only venue was a truck, finding restaurant
space is the number one priority. Space isn’t cheap in big cities, which makes
the transition that much more difficult.

One successful option is to find a smaller space and begin
the process of moving regular customers inside. It is easier to start small and
see if your idea flies in a conventional setting. The truck can still be used
for branding. Take it to popular venues and events while still turning up on
your regular circuit for the best results. Then, let everyone know that you
have opened a “bricks and mortar” location.

Setting Up for Success

Once you have started your transition, you have to plan
properly. If you have no experience in traditional restaurant settings, then
get in touch with a good restaurant supplier. Not only is this the best way to
acquire the furniture you need, but a professional will have some ideas as to
how you can successfully carry your unique brand indoors.

There are hundreds of combinations when it comes to
restaurant chair and table options. From super formal to colorful and fun,
coordinating your indoor look to your outdoor food truck panache takes a good
eye. Things that must be considered include the size of the dining room, how
you want people to move in and around the space and any theme you might want.

The Right Décor

Of course setting up your new restaurant space takes more
than just chairs and tables. The whole space needs to be set up appropriately.
Does your truck feature Mexican food? Modern or traditional? Fusion or pure?
All these seemingly small issues need to be addressed as you paint, light and
decorate. Piñatas and sombreros have no place in a fusion eatery, for example.
The same concepts will hold true no matter what type of cuisine you provide.

Snack food trucks can get away with an even smaller space,
but every inch needs to be utilized perfectly. A small bakery only needs a couple
hundred square feet of serving space, but the kitchen has to be designed for
maximum efficiency. Again, your supplier can help you set things up, and hook
you up with the best commercial kitchen equipment, making your endeavor a
one-stop shopping experience.

Moving from a truck to a restaurant space can be a bit
overwhelming, but with the right help and the right furniture, you will be all
set to expand your business.