The Nuts and Bolts of Restaurant Furniture

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Restaurant Furniture

have made it through the hurdles of financing, decided upon a theme for your
new eatery, and now it is time to consider the décor.
The first step is to figure out what kind of
furniture you need, and how much room you have for it.

up a floor plan. Make room for servers
to move about, and create paths for movement of guests to and from tables. Set out a reception area and anticipate where
you will be placing wait stations, bussing stations and all the accoutrements
of food service.

consider what kind of furniture you want. Pubs tend towards heavy, dark wood furniture. Cafes have small tables, often of metal with
small chairs and possibly umbrellas. Family restaurants may feature booths or banquets. You will need the measurements of the exact
equipment you will be using so you can determine how many pieces you need.

Restaurant Equipment

this: you will be seating people several times a shift, several shifts a day,
all week long. Residential furniture
isn’t designed to hold up to the strain. If you make the mistake of skipping commercially designed restaurant
, you will quickly regret it. Yes, the prices of properly made
tables and chairs may seem high, but take a deep breath and move past the
sticker shock. This is one place where you can’t afford to skimp.

of the biggest advantages to buying the proper furniture is that you really can
customize it to a great extent. Table
tops can be purchased separately from pedestals, and you can select which type
of wood you want for the top. Tables are available in non-standard shapes and
sizes. For example, you can opt for
hexagons, bar height tables, small squares or Shaker styles. You can create exactly the look you want for
your dining room.

match your chairs, and make sure you have a few extra. Not everyone is comfortable in the same
chair, so planning to accommodate a variety of guests helps demonstrate your
commitment to hospitality.


you are ready to place your order, you have to decide how to get it to your
location. Drop shipping is the most
common solution. The faster you need
your merchandise, the more you will pay. It helps to plan this stage early in the set up game to avoid extra
charges. Some places offer free shipping, if they have enough lead time and you
order specific merchandise.

arrangements to have help on hand when your delivery arrives. While the driver will unload the truck, he
won’t help you get the furniture into the restaurant, uncrate the furniture or
anything else. If you are not available when the delivery arrives, you may have
to pay for a second trip.

for damage immediately, and don’t sign the Bill of Lading until you are sure
that you got what you ordered and that it is in good conditions.

all this information you are ready to order your restaurant’s furniture like a