The Many Benefits of Variety Seating

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As you consider what type of furniture to purchase for your restaurant,
there are several important factors that should be taken into account before
making the big decision.  What type of
atmosphere do you want to have? Who are
your clientele? Will patrons want to throw parties or have large gatherings
here? These are just a few of the
questions you are probably asking yourself. A restaurant that provides a variety of seating options is ready for
anything or anyone that comes through the door. Booths, high-top tables and a mix of large and small dining sets make it
easy to seat a couple or a team of businessmen without having to do a lot of
shuffling or rearranging. But, there are
other benefits to variety seating as well, let’s take a look at some of the
less common advantages:

Accommodating Your
Unique Patrons

something that not a lot of people think about, but seating in restaurants is
an important factor for those with disabilities, medical issues or other
hindrances. Offering a variety of seating
options allows them to sit and enjoy a meal in whatever setting is most
comfortable for them. Some larger
patrons may prefer a table with free standing chairs while shorter patrons or
those with mobility issues may have trouble with the high top tables and we’ve
all heard of the patrons who absolutely love booths and will not visit a
restaurant that doesn’t offer them! Each
patron is important and we know you want to welcome there all with open arms
and accommodating options. Allowing them
choices is a guaranteed way to make sure you never lose a customer due to
uncomfortable or inconvenient seating.

Fewer Traffic Jams

There’s nothing worse than having a large party wait at a restaurant for a
table! Whether it’s due to a large
influx of diners or the fact that all your tables seat the same number of
people and a couple is sitting at a table that could accommodate six; patrons
don’t like to wait! Offering several
different furniture options, of varying sizes, will allow you to fill your
restaurant faster and more efficiently. Imagine smaller booths and tables for couples, larger sets for families
and coworkers and a grand scale table in the back for parties or business
meetings. Everyone would be seated in a
reasonable amount of time and you lessen the chance of losing customers who don’t
want to wait – it’s a win/win for everyone involved!

In the end, the most important thing to remember is that customers love
options! Not every customer will be the
same, so it’s important to try and anticipate the needs of your clientele. Some establishments may not be able to
include all varieties of seating and that’s okay. Even if it’s just a few tables mixed in with a
room full of booths, any variation is 100% encouraged. Your wait staff and patrons will thank you!