Technology—Paving the Future of Eating Out

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Restaurant Technology

The future is upon us. Today, you
can order a meal with your phone, and pay for it long before going to the
restaurant to pick it up.
You can go
online and find reviews for local restaurants, order pizza, and so much
Every day there are news stories
and reviews about this or that new piece of technology or app that changes the
way restaurants do business.
From your
bar table, you can pull up Taco Bell’s new app, order some tacos and pay for
them—and they will be ready when you arrive at their store.

Now we have smartwatches, and some innovative companies are using them
to their advantage. Then there are the
apps made by local entrepreneurs and businessmen looking for new ways to bring
in customers to local restaurants during off-peak hours. With the 21st Century upon us,
many innovative restaurateurs are changing the way the food industry does

It’s Pizza Time!
Domino’s Pizza has recently released an app for Pebble or Android Wear
smartwatch users that will allow their customers to make and track their orders
via the watch.
Customers can repeat a
previous order or use a pre-saved profile with the app. Then, they can track
when their food is being made, put in the oven, and on its way to their doorstep.

Many industry analysts predict sales of smartwatches to grow
dramatically within the next few years, and that will lead to a growing
potential customer base for restaurants looking to utilize the digital
marketplace. Pizza restaurants, in
particular, are often the vanguard with these new technologies. Chains like Papa Johns are already getting
more than half of their orders from digital sources, such as online ordering,
or from their Apple and Android apps found on tablets and smartphones.

Smart Phones, Smart
Everywhere you look you will find someone on a smartphone. Despite being only a few years old, smartphones
have taken over our lives, and are an integral part of communication, business,
and commerce.
With apps such as Apple
Pay, consumers can now pay for purchases and meals straight from their mobile
devices, instead of having to break out cash or their credit or debit

Innovative restaurateurs in Sacramento, California, however, are finding
another use for apps on smart phones. Their
new app will allow potential customers to name their reservation time, the
number in their party, and how much they want to spend on a meal. That
information can then be submitted to participating restaurants who then can
either deny or accept the request. This
new feature can be a great way for restaurants to bring in customers during
off-peak hours, and for customers to find a great deal at a restaurant they
would like to go to. Filling restaurant
chairs can be a daunting task during off-peak hours, and utilizing such
innovative methods can definitely be a way for restaurants to get an edge on
their competitors.