Technology and the Restaurant Industry

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Technology is now a part of everyday life for many millions of
Soon it will be a part of
everyday life for all Americans.
the advent of technology comes change, and that change brings opportunities to
the restaurant industry.
There are now
options to order online, as well as options to pay using mobile
All of these are becoming
important in our fast-paced society.

Everywhere you look today, restaurants, especially the larger chains,
are rolling out options for a mobile pay feature. Brand names such as Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell,
Firehouse Subs, Subway and more are entering into the mobile pay world, and the
adoption of those types of systems is happening fast. As technology grows, it is becoming
increasingly important for the restaurant industry to keep up. To fill those
restaurant tables and chairs, they are working at adapting to the faster pace
set by today’s business environment, and to the ever-increasing use of
technology that makes increased speed of service possible.

Pay as you go
Mobile pay is one of the fastest growing ways that the restaurant
industry is adapting technology to its benefit.
Customers can download an app, such as Taco Bell’s, and place their
order and pay for it before even entering the restaurant.
With the order already placed and paid for,
all the customer has to do is show up, pick up their food, and find themselves
a nice restaurant table for their meal.

Five star review!
People don’t always like to take chances, and that is especially true
when it comes to eating.
With today’s
technology, it is becoming ever easier to find reviews of local
Apps like Yelp allow their
users to find a nearby restaurant, and see what other patrons have thought of
They can view everything from reviews,
to the restaurant’s website, to their menu offerings, hours, phone number and
many other options.

Like the old Zagat guide, Yelp can help make or break a restaurant, based
on its reviews. Tech-savvy restaurateurs
can use that to their advantage. With a
positive online presence, and ability to adapt to technology, these restaurants
can grow their brand and name recognition with the online social media
community, thus increasing their presence, and thereby filling up their
restaurant booths and tables.

What do I want to
have today?
Ordering food can sometimes be a daunting task—with so many good choices,
what do I want to have today?
restaurants have created options to make your choice much easier for you.
Along with paying for your bill online or via
a mobile app, you can also peruse the menu of your local eatery and even order
the food before you even get there.
of that helps cut down the time needed to go and enjoy a fine meal, and thereby
frees up more time for work or other activities.

There is a saying that the species that is better at adapting to a
changing environment is the one that survives, and that is nowhere a more an
apt phrase than with today’s restaurant industry. Technology is now becoming more of the norm
than a passing fad, and those restaurants that more readily adapt to it will be
the ones to thrive in the 21st Century.