Technologies That Every Restaurateur Should Be Using

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Restaurant WiFi

was a point in time when restaurant furnishings were almost the most
technologically advanced equipment in an eatery. Since science has evolved in leaps and bounds
over the past few decades, though, there are now tools that can make
restaurants incredibly more efficient. And while not every eatery needs a dedicated app like Taco Bell’s, these
are a few technologies that every culinary entrepreneur should be

Make the Most of Apps
most restaurants don’t need their own app, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t
use the technology. Signing up with
programs like OpenTable and Zomato is ideal. Patrons can do everything from leave reviews to make reservations using
these apps, and considering how much technology runs our lives today, many
would enjoy interacting with restaurants digitally.

apps, such as Meetup and Foursquare, don’t offer the same services as the
aforementioned smartphone mainstays. They do, however, allow patrons to check in wherever they are. It seems like a great opportunity to leave
little cards at the booths for a restaurant announcing a 10 percent discount
for anyone who "checks in" via their app.

Wi-Fi for More Than
Business Tasks
aren’t many restaurants out there that don’t already use Wi-Fi, but there are
still some that don’t offer it to their patrons. The truth is that customers would rather
occupy restaurant furnishings where they can check their email and social media
without using up their data. If all
things are equal between an eatery without Wi-Fi and their competitor who does
offer the service, it’ll be the competitor who lands the guest.

Electronic Point of Sale
restaurant once had the typical cash register where they’d ring up an order
after writing it down. Most fast food
and casual dining eateries, though, have moved past this. Electronic point of sale systems now allow
servers to put in orders on the fly, and they can even cash out the customers

course, some small town diners still do fine with the traditional written-down
ticket orders. If nothing else, though,
they should go electronic. A tablet with
an app like Breadcrumb allows restaurateurs to keep a catalog of their menu,
process sales and, on busy nights, immediately keep track of which tables are

The Cloud
every industry has recognized the importance of using the cloud, but for some
reason, food-and-beverage entrepreneurs have been slow to come around. Many likely wonder,
"How is the cloud going to keep my restaurant furnishings full?" It’s a valid question, but this technology
can do this and much more.

start with, eateries can save money on purchasing licensed software suites by
utilizing service as a software (SaaS) via the cloud. Microsoft Word, for instance, is free when
using cloud technology on Google. Restaurateurs will also find that their
systems are more secure thanks to offsite backups. The cloud simply makes running an
establishment more efficient, and this will always result in happy customers.

is constantly evolving, and many of the tools we use today may not even be
around in a decade. While they’re still
here, though, budding culinary entrepreneurs should make use of them. It’s come to the point where nice restaurant
furnishings and great service simply aren’t enough, but technology can
definitely pick up the slack.