Technologies That Are Wowing the Restaurant Industry

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Having a great restaurant supplier can result in unique foods, beautiful café tables and pristine commercial restaurant equipment. What these suppliers might not provide, however, is high-tech innovations and gadgetry. Fortunately, many of these tech trends don’t require an all new supplier. Save for one or two, culinary entrepreneurs can take advantage of all the following restaurant industry technologies.

Restaurant Apps in the House

Getting every restaurant booth in an eatery full can be a difficult challenge, but like most other things in life, there’s now an app for that. In fact, there are a variety of apps for this. Some establishments have chosen to create their own apps for everything from reservations to loyalty programs. Of course, this isn’t always economical for small local restaurants, but that doesn’t mean they can’t jump on the app bandwagon.

Many cities across the globe now have third-party delivery companies that will bring customers food right to their door. No new restaurant supplier, drivers or employees are needed for this service, and people can place orders right from their smartphones. OpenTable and ShopKeep, which provide eateries with reservation and point-of-sale systems, respectively, are also ideal for culinary masterminds.

Restaurant Kiosks Becoming Common
Restaurants ranging from McDonald’s to Panera Bread are already using kiosks at locations across America. Even if patrons enjoy the idea of sitting down in their favorite bistro chair to enjoy a meal, they can still walk right up to self-order kiosks and put in their own orders before having a seat.

There’s a debate over whether kiosks are replacing restaurant workers, but this is highly unlikely. Robots won’t soon be making hamburgers for most eateries, and just imagine how mad customers will be when there’s a line of eight people at a kiosk and absolutely no one at the front counter. Kiosks are the wave of the future, but fortunately, they won’t be removing servers and other staff.

Back of House Ordering
Kiosks and apps might make patrons’ lives easier, but what about the technology that’s specifically for owners, management, and staff who place inventory orders? Getting food, new bar tables and other necessities from a restaurant supplier typically requires filling out spreadsheets and, even with the best technology, online order forms. With many restaurants switching to voice recognition software, though, this could soon be a thing of the past.

Several industry giants in America, including Domino’s restaurants, allow their customers to order by speaking into their Dot or Echo device via Amazon’s Alexa system. While Amazon or other companies haven’t made a similar innovation for restaurateurs who just want to speak their orders into their Echo, this is no doubt well on its way. The demand certainly exists, so it’s just a matter of time before someone jumps at the opportunity.

There will certainly be numerous restaurant trends in 2017 that will change how we do business. Luckily, there’s no need to wait for these innovations. Several existing technologies are still wowing the restaurant industry through customer interaction, and newer innovations will undoubtedly help with the restaurant supplier relationship. There’s simply no denying it: technology will continue to keep us in awe of the food and beverage industry.