Tapping in to the Pop-Up Restaurant Movement

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PopUp Restaurant

If you havent heard of a pop-up
restaurant yet, it
s time you get with the times. These little mini-eateries
are temporarily set up in a variety of spaces, stay for a little while, and
then disappear again only to appear somewhere else. To make them work, you need
an eager chef, a food truck and portable restaurant dining sets.

Why Bother?

First and foremost, a pop-up format lets you take your food
to the people. This is marketing at its most primal. When you set up your
mini-restaurant at a park, near a business plaza, or by an event center, you
make a direct connection with potential guests. Once they have been introduced
to your cuisine, they are much more likely to drop by your traditional

Another perk is that your chef can really be creative.
Unlike in the restaurant, your chef can try new concepts without having to
commit to menu changes. This is a way for him to offer unique flavors, address
local trends and develop a loyal following. Best of all, this following is
likely to be edgy and trend setting.

Social Media

The crowd that pop-up restaurants most attract is online
all the time. Whether it is a smart phone or tablet, these people are
connected. They make the effort to follow you around because they enjoy the
variety they find at such restaurants. Additionally, this lets you take your
business online in a fun and profitable way.

If you haven
t started using
social media yet, this is a great way to make the leap. You simply set up a
Facebook page letting people know where you will be and when. Post the day
s entrees. Report on new dishes. Stress affordability and
the opportunity to try some of the favorites from your traditional location
without committing to a full, expensive meal.

Low Risk, High Gain

The real incentive in such an operation is that the costs
are low but the potential advantages are huge. If things don
t work out in one location, you can pick up and move in a
day. If an item isn
t popular, it can be off the menu by the next meal. If
things do work out though, you can establish a permanent location nearby.

Great Locations

To make the best use of those portable-restaurant dining
sets, consider your locations carefully. Farmer
markets are a great place to locate. Not
only can you incorporate the ingredients you find into the day
s offerings, you can make connections with potential suppliers.

Theater neighborhoods are perfect if you specialize in
small plates, desserts or portable food. Charitable events offer a large crowd
for a short time with a lot of marketing potential. Be creative with your
approach and the people will come to you.

Pop-up restaurants are turning up everywhere because they
are fun and affordable. Make sure you get in on the trend before it fades away.