Set ‘em Up and Keep Those Bar Tables Filled

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Bar & Drinks

Spending a bit more to bring your bar up to date can help
you keep your bar tables filled. Gone are the days when a bottle opener, a
blender and a corkscrew were all the tools your bartender needed to keep up
with customer demand. Today’s mixologists require a complete complement of
tools to make the drinks that people want.


Every bar needs jiggers. They reduce over-pouring and ensure
a consistent drink, time after time. These little two-sided cups let your staff
measure the right quantity of alcohol to put in a drink. Traditional jiggers
can measure two volumes, but a fancy jigger can do more. While most offer four
measurements, some do 12 different calibrations. Once your mixologists learn
how to use them you can dramatically reduce the number of jiggers on the

Immersion Cooker

Also called sous vide, this machine allows your chefs to
cook things under very specific conditions. Temperature is precisely controlled
and it works fast too. Why would your mixologists want to get in on the act? Simple—they
can infuse flavors within a matter of minutes instead of over weeks. It’s also
great if you serve hot drinks. If your bar is known for fresh and innovative
flavors, then this is a great way to expand your drink menu.


Nothing works better than a good muddler when it comes to
extracting flavors from fresh fruit and herbs placed in a drink. Think Mojito,
Sangria and hard lemonade. Traditionalists like long, wooden muddlers, but you
can get them in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials.

Punch Circulator

There are some drinks that you serve constantly and which
require a large number of ingredients or a mix. For those nothing is better
than a circulator. Not only will the machine keep the base at the perfect
temperature, you can ensure that it keeps fresh for weeks. That prevents waste
and saves you money.

Recipe Book

Believe it or not, having a recipe book is important for any
good bar. The reason is that people want consistency, and staff changes are
just part of life in the food industry. Your recipe book doesn’t have to be
complicated. It can be an address book, an alphabetized telephone directory,
such as a Rolodex or even a loose-leaf binder that is organized by key
ingredient. How you set it up is less important than having one available.

House specialties should be featured front and center, with
quantities clearly marked. The best serving glass should be part of the profile
and suggested accompaniments can be listed right alongside. It won’t be long before you will find this
book invaluable to every new hire, and your guests will be delighted to always
get exactly the drink they want.

With all the right equipment in your bar, your bar tables
will see more use. The bar will become more than just the place to grab a beer
or a glass of wine. It will shine on its own merit, and help you boost revenue
every night.