Restaurateur Lessons Learned From Game of Thrones

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Iron Throne

of Thrones has become one of the most popular television series in the world,
and for restaurateurs, there are a few lessons to be garnered other than
"place cafe chairs around the TV on Sunday nights and hope people show
up." These lessons range from
marketing tips to improved hospitality. For restaurateurs that can pull these off, packing the restaurant booths
should be no problem.

Strive for Success In
Social Media
there’s no social media, or even the internet in the Game of Thrones world, it
doesn’t mean the show doesn’t make it obvious that social media is essential
for restaurants. Varys is a former
slave, but by working on his networking skills, he was effectively able to
consistently improve his position in the ranks of the King’s council.

networking is imperative for restaurateurs. Those cafe chairs simply aren’t going to fill up unless patrons feel a
connection with an eatery. Post
delectable photos of favorite dishes, provide discount incentives for people to
come by, and respond to messages and comments from social media users. Just like with Varys, this will help in
"moving up the ranks."

Combine Sternness With
Likability in Management
Game of Thrones, Joffrey is a terrifyingly stern leader, but fans of the show
realize this ensured his word was heeded. Of course, this management style didn’t last long. In fact, it eventually led to his
demise. Daenerys has a completely
different management style. She wants to
be loved by all. A real effective
management style for restaurateurs is a combination of both.

management will get employees to do their jobs, but they won’t try to really
shine. Eventually, they’ll likely
leave. Being too lenient, though, can
lead to workers taking advantage of the system. Effective restaurateurs can combine the leadership styles of Daenerys
and Joffrey for a perfect equilibrium.

Fully Prepare for Slumps
in Patronage
Lord of Winterfell may be the most recognizable character from Game of
Thrones. He’s on countless memes warning
that something is coming, but the original theme was "winter is
coming." In his time, there was no
commercial restaurant equipment to prepare large stores of food for the
eventual cruel winter, but he made sure his kingdom was prepared for the

is essential for restaurateurs as well. No matter how nice the restaurant dining sets are, there are going to be
times when the cafe chairs aren’t filling up. This usually occurs cyclically, so it’s often easy to prepare for. Just be willing to adjust scheduling
practices, alter how much is ordered from restaurant supplier,

and keep three months of operating capital in savings. Just in case.

risk of dragons destroying a restaurant’s cafe chairs is minimal in this day
and age. Luckily, it’s still possible to
hearken back to a fictional forgotten time where this could have been an issue
to learn how to more effectively run a restaurant. Restaurateurs can do much more than get a
thrill while watching Game of Thrones; they can create a better dining