Restaurant Tech on the Rise

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a perfect world, your customers should never even notice when their table, or
one nearby, is bussed.
The staff should
be able to glide in, clear and clean, and then disappear with a minimum of
However, this takes a bit of
planning and some practice.

of the more common problems with bussing is that servers often feel it is
beneath them to bus a table after a group has left. Bussers do a vital job, and one that can be
assisted by everyone. There are no
“second class” team members in a successful dining establishment. Cooperation between employees will help avoid
a situation where any guest must sit next to a dirty

the Flow

agree that it is best to clear tables incrementally, so that stacks of dishes
don’t build up, and the washers keep up with demand. This requires a bit of timing: you don’t want
to clean away dishes that are in use. Clearing plates as each course is completed is an easy way to do this.

it isn’t always necessary or appropriate. Teach your staff to read the
guests. A group that is clearly eager
to finish their meal and rush off to an activity is likely to appreciate a more
accelerated pace than one enjoying an intimate get-together. It’s easy to spot
when someone is done with a dish, if you watch them carefully. Most people will move their plate subtly when
they are ready to have it removed.

Quality Even when Clearing

almost every circumstance, dishes cleared from an occupied table should be
removed by hand; not on a tray. Staff
should pick up no more than they can carry, without creating large stacks which
may drop, disrupting guests. Making good
use of appropriate tableside visits to clear also reduces the number of times
you could potentially interrupt the flow of conversation.

should be as mildly scented as possible. Using a dirty rag with an industrial cleaner at a neighboring table can
completely ruin other diners’ experiences. Disposable wipes are good alternatives. If you use tablecloths, remove the dirty one surreptitiously and place
clean ones upon your restaurant dining sets without fanfare.

Delicate Hand

are few concrete rules in the proper clearing of dishes at a restaurant. The main goal is discretion. Your staff should be able to get to those
items they need to clear without invading guest space, even if it means doing
so on the “off” side. That delicacy can
be extended to a quick sweep of the floor around a messy table, or the tidying
of the bathroom, even when guests are present. The whole restaurant should be clean, presentable and inviting.

the Right Equipment

restaurant supplier is capable of providing more than just the perfect bistro
. They can offer you a complete
range of cleaning supplies, cloth goods and other tools that will make bussing
much simpler. By establishing
expectations with every staff member, right from the start, you will ensure
that your goals are met.