Restaurant Marketing Trends to Know For 2017

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The best burger and most professional servers in the world cannot make up for shoddy marketing strategies. If a culinary entrepreneur hopes to fill up their restaurant dining tables, they have to put time and money into attracting new guests and keeping current patrons loyal. One of the most important factors in doing this is keeping pace with current trends. With that in mind, these are the restaurant marketing trends that will define 2017.

Video Becomes Increasingly Important
Content marketing is an essential aspect of running a restaurant, and while blogs and other types of content will remain important, an increased focus will be given to video. Consumers more and more want to receive informative and valued content in a visual medium, and video provides that in leaps and bounds. Whether it’s a new commercial featuring friends having fun in the restaurant dining chairs or a live video from a community event, potential guests will eat it up.

It’s All About the Story
Marketers have been telling businesses for years that brand stories are essential. It seems that, at long last, owners and managers are listening. This means companies without a brand story will be rushing to catch up. Guests occupying the restaurant dining tables will feel a closer connection if they know what makes the eatery special. Focus the brand story around a unique process, the co-owner chef with a great backstory or anything else that stands out about the establishment.

Marketing Focused on Niches
There are plenty of restaurants out there that try to offer everything from Thai cuisine to Taco Tuesdays, but the restaurant marketing trends of 2017 seem to hint at a more niche-focused approach. Restaurants will market their vegetarian menu, gluten-free options, non-GMO dishes, family friendliness and a host of other traits. Doing several things well is a great characteristic, but restaurateurs should make sure that people know they do certain things excellently.

More Focus Paid to Email Marketing

Email was once the powerhouse when it came to reaching out to potential customers. This was true in every industry whether their focus was on selling cars or getting the bar tables full. Email always remained important, but more businesses began focusing on social media advertising. Now that budding entrepreneurs have realized they’re losing traffic thanks to Facebook algorithms, though, the pendulum could swing the other way.

The simple fact is that Facebook, along with every other social media site, is a business. They want to make money, and they’ve changed their algorithms so much that many restaurants are finding it difficult to reach people who follow their pages without using paid ads. This is likely why a variety of marketing metrics companies have predicted email engagement will steadily increase over 2017. Restaurant owners need to ensure they don’t miss this trend.

Marketing is an essential aspect of running any company, and for those looking to have the restaurant dining tables packed on Friday night, it’s important to know what’s going on in the promotional world. Even if a restaurateur utilizes a marketing agency to handle their advertising, it’s smart to at least be “in the know” when it comes to restaurant marketing trends of 2017.