Restaurant Marketing Lessons Learned From WWE

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easy to think that WWE, the professional wrestling industry giant, has nothing
to teach other industries. In reality,
though, the lessons learned from the company can actually lead to more people
sitting in restaurant dining sets. Sure,
a select group of people will show up if an eatery is showing Wrestlemania on
the big screen, but if restaurateurs can learn the following lessons from the
WWE, it’s more than just wrestling fans who will become regulars.

Utilize Digital Marketing
for All It’s Worth
WWE was once nothing more than a small wrestling promotion with a few really
devoted fans, but it’s now blossomed into a monster of a company that even
non-fans can’t avoid. Their ability to
accomplish this is partially thanks to the skill they have in marketing
themselves digitally. Dozens of WWE
superstars have over a million followers on Facebook, and the company has
evolved to using video marketing and even podcasts.

takes advantage of every digital marketing strategy out there, and budding
entrepreneurs looking to fill up restaurant dining sets should too. While it’s not necessary to have weekly
podcasts, having a devoted website, active social media platforms, updated
local business pages and occasional value-providing videos can go a long way.

Give Fans What They Want
WWE fills arena seats rather than restaurant dining sets, they know how important
it is to give fans what they want. One
example is the storied career of Daniel Bryan. The performer wasn’t the typical bulky wrestler, but as his fans
continuously hijacked segments he wasn’t a part of with chants of "Daniel
Bryan!" and "Yes! Yes! Yes!," the company eventually relented
and made him champion.

is exactly what restaurateurs have to do to keep the restaurant dining
furniture full. Pay attention to what
social media followers are saying. Offer
incentives for patrons to fill out guest experience cards. It’s all about knowing what the fan, or
dining patron, wants and expects from their experience. If a restaurateur can accomplish this, they
may soon be getting their own "Yes! Yes! Yes!" chants.

Give Back to the World
up bar tables might be the goal of restaurateurs, and selling pay-per-view
events might be the goal of the WWE, but when it comes down to it, neither will
gain as much attention if they’re not giving back to the community. WWE understands this, and it’s why they’ve
done everything from working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to
creating Connor’s Cure to raise money to fight pediatric cancer.

is one of the most important lessons restaurateurs can take from WWE. Consumers are becoming more socially aware,
and they’re motivated to spend their money with companies that display this
same trait. Sponsor a charitable event
or host a fundraiser for a local non-profit. It’s no longer only about how many cafe chairs a restaurateur can fill;
it’s also about what they do to show their gratitude.

some people may call wrestling a "fake redneck sport," the fact
remains that the WWE has been successful for over 60 years. It’s expanded outside of sporting
entertainment and now creates DVDs, feature films,
even music. Restaurateurs don’t have to
watch weekly segments of WWE Raw, but doing so might just help fill in some of
those empty restaurant dining sets.