Restaurant Furniture: Just One Sign of a Good Establishment

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New Restaurant Customers

How do people know if your restaurant is a good one? Are there
specific things that indicate quality? In fact, there are. Quality restaurant
furniture is one such sign, but here are a few other things you want to stay on
top of, so you offer the best possible dining experience to all your guests.

Greet Diners

The first thing a diner wants is a greeting. That means
that they should be welcomed within a minute of walking through the door.
Unless you are packed, and your host is away from the podium, it is simply poor
manners to ignore guests when they enter.

Keep Everything CLEAN!

It cant be stressed
enough that everything your guests encounter should be clean. That means the
floor should be swept and vacuumed, menus and tables must be wiped down at all
times, and silverware and glassware; spotless. Bathrooms must be constantly
monitored and tidied.

This extends to other aspects of service too. Water and ice
should be crystal clear. Tables and chairs should be wiped down and dusted.
Artwork should be cleaned and dusted as well. Take a look around your
restaurant throughout the day and make sure nothing is allowed to appear dirty
or smudged.

Be Attentive at the Table

Once guests are seated they should be greeted by their
server within a minute. Drinks should be offered as soon as possible. It
increases the likelihood that they will order a second beverage and it lets
them know you are ready to meet their needs. Follow up by bringing drinks out
as soon as possible. Waiting a long time to get those drinks tells guests that
you don
t care or are overloaded; neither is good.

Serve in a Timely Manner

Few things are as annoying as ordering an appetizer and
having it arrive at the same time as the meal. If your kitchen staff can
t time things better than that, retrain them. Additionally,
serve food within a reasonable amount of time, or let your guests know why
there is a delay. An appetizer should arrive in no more than 7-10 minutes.
Subsequent dishes should be presented about 7 minutes after that. If the
kitchen can
t keep up with a reasonable pace then it is time to take a
look at how things are set up.

Make Payment Options Clear

Most establishments take all credit cards as well as cash.
If you don
t take a common form of payment make it clear from the
start. Post it on the door, on the menu, and at the host podium. Few things are
more embarrassing to diners than having to try and find an ATM at the last
minute. Embarrassed guests don
t return.

Say Goodbye

It is a little thing, but guests like to be acknowledged
when they leave. It lets them know you are paying attention. Sure, your wait
s job is done once people leave the table, but a quick goodnight is all it takes to make a good impression. No matter how
clean your floor is, or how nice your restaurant furniture might be, it is the
personal touch that will keep them coming back.