Restaurant Furnishings are Part of the Package in a Renovation

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Has the time come to renovate your restaurant? Perhaps you have been
thinking about taking things in a different direction and the furniture you
have no longer suits your purpose. In either case, you have to figure out what
will work with your new motif and fit in your budget. Both aspects of the
decision can be equally challenging.

Going with Fast Casual? What About a Drive-Thru?

Usually associated with fast food restaurants, drive-thru windows are
starting to break the fast-casual barrier. If you are redesigning your
restaurant space, it might be something worth thinking about. Those restaurants
that have made the transition have made some surprising discoveries.

For example, drive-thru sales tend to be higher. People order more
individually, and several orders may be placed on one ticket. Combination meals
also boost sales, and give you the chance to introduce new menu items visually.
This can increase their sales dramatically.

One type of restaurant that may not find the drive-thru phenomenon as
successful is one that is based upon a visual interaction with selected
ingredients. An example of that type of restaurant would be the burrito chains.
Such customers count on making selections based upon what attracts them as they
view the selections; drive-thru would be less satisfying.

Tap Into Popular Eco
-Friendly Seating for Restaurants

You would have to be completely out of the loop not to be aware of the
eco-friendly trend that is hitting the dining industry. From locally sourced
food and sustainable farming techniques, to recycled materials and responsibly
harvested lumbers, anything that is good for the planet is in. For you that
means finding seating that isn
t made to have a future in a landfill in a few
months. How? Well, let
s consider some options.

Metal is always a good choice. Steel, aluminum and iron are suitable
for various environments. Caf
é chairs are often made of iron, and modern
furniture of stainless steel. They are wonderfully recyclable, no matter how
they end up looking.

Wood from managed forests is also eco-
friendly as is
bamboo, the new wonder material. More comfortable than metal, wood is also warm
to the touch and the eye. Adding cushions makes these chairs even easier to sit
upon. Matching tables have the same eco advantages, so consider how you want to
mix and match those pieces.

t be tempted to buy used furniture, though, even though repurposing is
hot. While being
eco-friendly may be a good priority, restaurant furniture needs to be in good
shape, and should be made for the job. Few things are more expensive than
purchasing a good deal only to find out it won
t hold up to the

Renovations may take a lot of planning, but the end results are
worthwhile. When you get to open your doors with a whole new look that excites
and energizes your guests, you know you did it right.