Restaurant Dining Sets Create the Tone

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Restaurant Dining

do you want people to experience when they walk in to your restaurant?
Do you want them to experience dining that is
casual or formal?
Perhaps you want a
family-friendly setting?
The furniture
in your establishment goes a long way towards setting the tone.
Furthermore, the right pieces will give you
good value and remain functional for many years.
This is why you want to invest in real
restaurant furnishings.

all About the Experience

customers walk in to your business, you want to serve them more than a meal;
you want to provide an experience. The
more senses you affect, the more memorable the meal will be. Think about your favorite pizza joint. Typically you find large, comfortable booths
that encourage people to relax and have fun. A sushi restaurant wants to encourage intimacy between the chef and the
patron, so most include a bar with a view of the “action.” A romantic
restaurant will be filled with small tables.

food is enhanced by the environment in which it is eaten. When investing in
your restaurant’s furniture, view it as your opportunity to set the stage for a
grand performance.

in and Sit Down

is more likely to ruin a nice meal than an uncomfortable chair. Small, cheaply made units are a waste of
money. Your customers won’t want to linger
over a meal if they feel unstable on their seats, or their rears go numb while
waiting for their appetizers.

doesn’t mean you have to invest in leather upholstered Chippendale chairs. A reasonably wide base will translate into a
solid chair, and a strong seat into comfort. Make sure you have a few seats without armrests for your larger
customers; they will appreciate your consideration.

Forget the Entryway

most restaurateurs plan out where they will put their restaurant tables, and how many
chairs they need, some forget to anticipate the needs of those waiting. When your business takes off, and people are
waiting in line to get in, you will need some additional seating. What you choose, be it a couch, a bench or
single chairs, should be considered carefully. Matching the overall feel of the rest of the restaurant is just as
important as flexibility and functionality. Imagine how you would feel if you were waiting 30 minutes for a table,
and the choice you make will be the right one.

Dining Tables: Built to Last

days a week, each table will welcome your customers, hour after hour. Household goods aren’t built to survive this
kind of pace. Restaurant furniture is. Even better, you can customize the look and
size of your tables based upon theme, location or any other factor. Every table could be a different size and
shape, if that is really what you want. This can be particularly charming in a “home-style” setting.

you choose to purchase complete tables or invest in separate bases and table
tops, we are ready to help you create exactly the look and feel you want. Our
helpful customer service will assist you in any way possible so you get what
you need and stay within your budget.