Pull Up Your Cafe Chair and Learn About the Trends in 2014

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French Cafe

As amazed as you might be to find
yourself in another new year, 2014 is here. Food trends for this year are just
about what you would expect, considering the path things were taking last year.
s take a look at
what the pundits are anticipating on plates in the coming months.

Everything Locally Sourced on Those
Restaurant Dining Tables

From meat to vegetables, liquors to
beer, people want to see locally sourced materials on their plates and in their
glasses. How local? The more local the
better. Not only does locally produced food taste better, it is generally
viewed as healthier. Hyper-local sourcing is even hotter. That translates into
having your own garden, by the way. If you don
t have room for a full fledged
garden, grow herbs and use them in your meals or drinks.


That all-elusive fifth taste
sensation umami, has even made it into the name of a burger chain; Umami
Burger. For those diners craving a new taste, this is the way to go. Not sweet,
salty, bitter or sour, this savory sensation is the biggest thing since sliced

Ice Cream

, your guests will
want to be on the patio, enjoying your outdoor restaurant furniture. Imagine
how fun instant ice cream could be. Using liquid nitrogen, you can forgo
emulsifiers and additives that affect taste and texture, while producing
personally targeted ice cream flavors for every guest that walks in. Up the
ante by adding those locally sourced ingredients and hit two cravings at one

Gluten Free

Gone are the days when gluten free
was associated with oddly flavored, flat tasting foods. Commercial restaurant
equipment can do an even better job of creating gluten free baked goods than a
home oven. Diners are looking for that GF label, whether they are truly gluten
intolerant or not, so plan to accommodate their inclinations. Just about
everyone seems to be giving this dining trend a try.


Just about every restaurant has pizza
on its menu in some form or other. If yours doesn
t, then its time to bring it on. Todays pizzas
t your basic red
sauce, white cheese combos. Flavors have exploded into a new and imaginative
realm. Think of barbec
ue sauces, artisan cheeses, locally grown herbs and the edgiest flavors.
Wood fired ovens are the ideal, and grilled is popular, but you can come up
with your own method of cooking, based on what you have in the kitchen.

High End Comfort

The final trend we are seeing this
year is that of upscale comfort foods: mac and cheese with truffles, jalape
ños or sundried tomatoes; spaghetti
and meatballs made with heirloom tomatoes and hand cut pasta; biscuits with
sausage gravy, where the sausage is something locally made from organically
raised pigs. You get the idea.

No matter which trends you plan to
incorporate into your menu, your restaurant supplier can help you find the
right equipment for both making and presenting your new favorites.