Prix Fixe Fixes Some Restaurant Woes

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Prix Fixe Menu

you run a higher end restaurant and your numbers have declined, it might be
time to introduce a prix fixe menu.
though people are more careful with their disposable income, they still want to
enjoy a quality dining experience.
Prix fixe
offerings allow them to enjoy better restaurants on a budget.

numbers from February, 2013, the last month evaluated, show that sales were
weak. New taxes are squeezing consumers,
and while March is traditionally a month in which financial strains ease, no
one is certain how things will unfold in coming weeks. A new Prix Fixe menu may help your
establishment make it through leaner times.

a Trend

new popularity of the prix fixe menu has led several well-known, upper-end
casual dining chains to come on board. From Del Frisco’s Sullivan’s Steakhouse
to the Hawaiian themed Roy’s, the three course prix fixe menu is increasingly
common. Accounting for up to 20 percent
of sales, it is clear that the prix fixe option is popular with diners.

often an appetizer-entrée-dessert combination is presented, with three to four
selections available per course. You may
opt to adapt that, especially if another course is the house specialty. Some
restaurants offer only one or two courses, from a set menu, for a given meal. Tailoring a growing restaurant industry trend
to your needs is a time honored tradition.

Your Options

of the best ways to encourage new diners through your doors is to create a
limited prix fixe menu. Let your guests
choose from a small number of selections for each course. Offer some of your most popular dishes so you
really shine. An enjoyable prix fixe
meal can easily turn a new guest into a regular who orders off the full menu
more often than not.

the choices will also help you contain costs. Your selections can change seasonally, weekly or daily; it all depends
upon your theme and the experience you are selling.

an Experience

Fixe is one of those experiences people relish. They expect that the chef will want to offer their best for that given
day. This perception is important, since
there will be those who feel that a limited selection will mean that they might
miss out on their favorites.

to your supplier and see if they can help you find some special restaurant
that can be used to plate and present a prix fixe menu to its best
advantage. Consider offering the menu on certain days, rather than every
day. Guests come in for more than just
your food, no matter how good it is; they want something they can’t find at home.

a successful restaurant takes more than the perfect café tables, or the right
trump l’oeil on the walls. It takes an
astute reading of trends, an understanding of customer desires and an ability
to move with the times. This season, the
prix fixe menu is making the move from Europe to the New World. Make sure you are positioned to come along.