Picking Your Tables

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Most restaurant furniture companies offer you a variety of
tops and bases to accommodate all of your dining room needs.  Deciding which style, which shape, and how
high each base will be is necessary in order to provide comfort throughout your
whole restaurant. Let’s look at several of the most common table bases and why
you would pick that particular type.

Bar Tables are

The highest of restaurant tables are bar tables. Bases for
such tables are usually about 40-inches in height, requiring specialized seats.
The best of them have a wide stance or a large center base; the more stable the
better. For the comfort of your clients, look for tables that have a footrest
as well.

Whether you choose a solid wood table or a center pedestal,
opt for a surface that can take some abuse. Diners get a bit more raucous at
the bar than they do at a standard table.

Restaurant Dining

The typical dining table base is set at about 28-inches.
That is added to by the table top. Just as in bar set-ups, you can pick a center
column or four legs. The center column lets you place diners all the way around
a table, but is more casual in nature. The advantage of a base is that it
allows you to change the tops as you want, simplifying renovations.

Plan for Wear and

Even the best tables are going to suffer some damage. The
top may pull out of the base, it can get scratched or stained, and they can
even break. It always pays to have a restaurant supplier who can offer quick
and reasonably priced replacement parts. A really good supplier will let you know in advance if your line of
furniture is going out of production so you can get a few spare parts in time.

Glides and Wedges

The other things you will need for the perfect table height
are glides and wedges. These allow you to make small adjustments to your tables
so they remain level, regardless of the state of your floors. Glides or wedges
will fit between the base and the table top or underneath the base or feet.
Make sure they are securely attached so you don’t have to constantly readjust,
and then mark each table for its specific location.

Where do You Shop?

The final piece of the puzzle is where you make your
purchases. As a professional restaurateur you should know that buying the right
equipment makes all the difference. That means finding a reliable, professional
furniture supplier.

If you have a local supplier that is a good place to start,
but your best bet is to check out the Internet. Not only are you going to find
a better selection, you will also find much better prices. Check reviews and
find the best option with the best reputation and fill your dining room with
the very best.