Picking the Right Restaurant Furniture in 4 Steps

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Setting up a restaurant takes more than just renting a space
and finding a chef. There are menu considerations, choosing to franchise or
not, and the environment you want to create. One of the biggest factors in
designing that space is the furniture, so you have to get it right.  As long as you take these four steps, you

Where are You

Is your location upscale or casual? Have you acquired space
in the bohemian section of town or by the theaters? Does your restaurant seat
outdoors as well as indoors? All these aspects need to be assessed before you
buy any furniture.

Outdoor restaurant furniture needs to be able to withstand
the elements and be stored conveniently. Indoor furniture should present a
specific, coordinated style; that’s true even if you are going for an eclectic
look. It takes time decide how you want your restaurant to appear and effort to
pick the right materials, fabrics, and so forth. Your best selection will be

How much Space do You

The size of the space is going to determine, to some degree,
the size of your furniture. If you have a small room, then smaller furniture is
appropriate. In a large space you can go for larger items, but you don’t have
to. The goal is to create a space that allows your guests to move about freely
between the tables but doesn’t waste space.

To properly arrange your space, take the time to draw a
floor plan and include space for movement. This will involve calling your
restaurant supplier and getting accurate measurements for the pieces you want
to use. You may need to pick something
different if the sizes don’t work.

Style and Appearance

Addressing this step is all about creating the image you
want to present. Don’t get sold on a particular style of furniture and then try
to work your restaurant layout around it. Instead, decide what you want people
to think when they enter your place and pick several styles of furniture that
would help create that experience.

A casual, sports-oriented atmosphere will call for leather
couches, bar tables, and a little more space for cheering fans. An intimate, couples restaurant will need
smaller tables and chairs and niches that provide some privacy. You get the

Always Pick Quality

No matter what else you do, pick the best quality you can
afford. This is a good idea in most
things you purchase, even if you have to buy less to make things work.
Restaurant furniture is designed to withstand the abuse it is bound to take;
residential furniture can’t handle it.

Plush chairs, elegant tables, and a comfortable lobby will make
a huge difference in how your guests view you, so consider your options

By covering these four areas each time you invest in pieces
for your establishment, you ensure that you make the right decisions.