Picking Seating for Restaurants; Here Are Some Tips

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Story Tavern Restaurant

Whether you are just starting out or you are renovating your
restaurant, seating for restaurants is a critical aspect of creating the right
atmosphere. Let
s look at what you should consider before you make your purchases.

Start With a Budget

For you to pick the right furniture you need to have some idea of what
it will cost you to get what you need. Figure out how much you have to spend,
and then divide it by the number of seats you want to have. This will give you
a ballpark figure of what you can spend for each table.

Keep in mind that there may be options that costs less and will still
work just fine with your style. Take a look at several different styles before
you commit to one. Just make sure to stick with restaurant grade pieces that
can withstand the use they will see.

Measure Y
our Rooms

To fit the maximum number of tables and booths into your space you
must have an idea of the square footage. With that in mind, plan out footpaths.
Ensure enough room for your guests and staff to move around freely. The size of
your place will also help you determine what sized furniture you should
purchase. Large pieces in a small room make it look crowded, even if it isn
t. Small pieces in
a large room create a look of emptiness. Scale is important.

Chairs for Restaurants Should Match Style

The style of your restaurant will also help you determine what types
of restaurant chairs and tables best suit the space. Upscale eateries will require
upholstered seats, darker woods and perhaps some intricacy of detail. A
family-friendly cafeteria style restaurant might turn to plastic seats and
Formica tabletops. Booths are always welcome in a diner environment. Think
about what you would expect to find in a particular style of restaurant and
start your search from there.

Pass on Hard to Clean

Lets face it, no matter what you purchase, keep cleaning in mind. Fabric
is harder to clean than plastic. If you do opt for fabric, then treat it with a
product that provides stain resistance. Crevices are difficult to keep free of
debris, so pick furniture that minimizes such problems.

Create a Uniform Appearance

Lets look at the foyer now. You want to create a comfortable area for
waiting guests to sit. That generally means some chairs or sofas. What is
important is that you keep a consistent appearance between the areas. For
example, you may opt to get more of the same chairs you use in the dining room.
Alternatively, pick a sofa and have it covered with the same material used

No matter what you end up picking, consider having a professional
cleaning service come in a couple times a year to inspect and clean your
furniture. Well maintained pieces will last much longer, which is like putting
money in the bank.