No Place Better than a Bistro Chair for Eggs

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Bistro Eggs

The very name of bistro conjures up an image of a relaxed, casual
place to eat. It
s just the sort of place that would have good food, good drink and an
easy to enjoy ambiance. With the new trends in dining turning towards eggs in
just about every course and meal, a bistro is a great place to experiment.

Breakfast is
Ready on Restaurant Dining Tables

Eggs are fine, and they turn up on just about every restaurant dining
, but the smart chef knows that guests want to go beyond scrambled and
over easy. Breakfast for dinner is increasingly popular, but guests want to
take things one step further, they want their eggs done up right. Quiches,
casseroles, coddled eggs and those that are prepared in unique ways attract
more people.

A Pub Table and Chairs are Perfect for Eggs as a Garnish

Where else can you find eggs turning up? They are showing up on top of
burgers, in pasta and even on pizza. The casual atmosphere of a pub is perfect
for serving the kind of casual cuisine that is enhanced by eggs. Farm fresh
eggs are easy to find in just about every location, and they are a real draw
for foodies who like to enjoy hearty meals in an easy-going environment.

Those same eggs can be served on their own in egg salads, in
sandwiches and in regional dishes. Anyone up for some Huevos Rancheros?

Move Beyond Chickens

Everyone has enjoyed chicken eggs for many years, but people today
want to try new tastes. Duck eggs, goose eggs and even turkey eggs are making
their way onto gourmet menus. Each type of egg has its own unique
characteristics. The differences are what make them popular and fun to try.
Some chefs swear by a particular breed of egg for use in specific recipes. If
you can get your hands on such eggs, including them on your menu is a good way
to pull in foodies.

The Advantages of Eggs

Not only are eggs quickly moving into the gourmet realm, they offer a
lot of nutrition. High in good protein
and numerous vitamins, they truly are good for you. They are easy to store, can
be used in a nearly unlimited number of recipes and they are economical as
well. The profit margin on an egg dish is much higher than one that contains

Even though eggs are ubiquitous, they can still be made a fun and
tasty part of any menu. Give your chefs an opportunity to play with these
remarkably flexible ingredients, and they just may surprise you with their