Marketing Apps That Every Restaurateur Should Use

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Restaurant Chop Sticks

the goal is to fill up the cafe tables on Saturday night or increase
the number of online orders coming through, marketing plays a heavy
role in that goal’s success. There are many marketing tools at a
restaurant owner’s disposal, but undoubtedly some of the most
important now exist in the digital space. In fact, there are some
mobile apps that could outshine a "free drinks at the bar
tables" promotion, and they’ll definitely prove less expensive.

for Restaurant Marketing
it comes to restaurant marketing apps, Hootsuite stands above the
rest, and it wasn’t even created specifically for restaurants. The
tool, which can be used on smartphones, tablets or desktop computers,
allows restaurateurs to schedule all of their social media posts
ahead of time. It doesn’t just work with Facebook and Twitter,
either. The app can be used to schedule posts on Google+, LinkedIn,
Instagram and even WordPress.

this does is give restaurateurs the ability to handle social media
marketing whenever they have the time. If they just finished wiping
down the cafe tables and are about to close up, they can use a few
minutes to schedule tomorrow’s posts. If business gets really slow
on a Tuesday, it’s possible to schedule posts out weeks in advance.
There is a paid version, but the free edition is often more than

is a simple app that does one important task for restaurant
marketers: checks for duplicate content. Restaurateurs, just like
other business owners, need custom content for their inbound
marketing. Unfortunately, unscrupulous competitors, sometimes from
across the country, will take the easy route and simply copy others’

just a few seconds, Plagspotter can search the web for any websites
that have duplicated a restaurant’s content. This is important
because copied material will affect an eatery’s search engine
ranking. In the end, this could drive the company website down in
the rankings as a dishonest restaurant owner’s business moves up.

App for Businesses
is about more than putting on a fancy show that gets tables for
restaurants full; it’s also about reputation management. Forgetting
this is one of the biggest mistakes a restaurateur can make. One
company that has a huge effect on companies’ reputations, likely due
to their 89 million monthly visitors, is Yelp. That’s why every
restaurant owner needs to download the Yelp app.

great benefit of this app is that it’s possible to track certain
analytics, such as customer leads and user views. Even better,
though, is the fact that restaurant owners can respond to reviews and
messages regardless of where they are. This means that, even if the
owner is out of state for the weekend, they can publicly apologize to
an upset reviewer and promise to make things right.

they’re lucky, though, the user will simply send a message, and the
issue can be handled off of the Yelp review page altogether.

should always remember that success involves more than just fancy
cafe tables, tasty cuisine and a good location. Great marketing is
essential for success, and these apps will definitely help in that