Making Good Use of Technology

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It takes more than the right bar tables and restaurant booth
furniture to make a successful eatery. It involves keeping up with trends, both
in the kitchen and on the dining room floor. If you look online to find what
people are saying about the dining industry, you can get overwhelmed very

Those reports that aren’t contradictory are rare. One guru
will report that small plates are the hottest thing going while another will
dismiss them with disdain. How can you
know which way to turn? Pick the trends everyone is talking about; for example,

High Tech Pays Off

Unless your restaurant caters only to the senior set,
technology has advantages. From self-promotion to online ordering, the Internet
is a great place to connect to your regulars and potential customers. You don’t
even have to build the tools, just find the right ones and use them properly.

Which Tools are best?

There is a lot of debate over which tools are the most
useful to a restaurateur. Social media sites such as Instagram and Yelp draw a
lot of attention, but aren’t necessarily useful. In fact, there are several
services cropping up online that will filter your social media reviews in order
to eliminate particularly negative reviews left by overly demanding customers.

So what works? Among the best choices is to take your
ordering process and turn it electronic. This means handing out tablets to your
servers and connecting them directly to the kitchen through a WiFi network.
This speeds up service and makes cashing out easier.

Another particularly helpful innovation is webcam
monitoring. If you can’t be onsite to make sure that your employees are doing
things the way they should, this lets you peek in when you can. You can monitor
hand washing time, compliance with glove wearing regulations, prep tables, and
so forth. It all depends on where you have challenges in your restaurant.

Several restaurant suppliers are designing equipment with
built in LED warning lights. These let
the kitchen staff know, quietly, when the dishes are done, when the deep fryer
has completed its cycle, and so on. Using technology can keep your kitchen
running more efficiency.

Payment Portals

While most established restaurants will continue to set up
their restaurant furnishings in such a way that the check is served at the
table or dealt with at a podium at the exit, some are moving to a payment
portal system, such as Square, uCharge, or SparkPay are ideal for smaller
vendors. There is no need to set up a merchant account and you can start taking
plastic immediately.

The only thing to keep in mind as you venture out into the world
of restaurant-driven technology is that no amount of cool tech can substitute
for good food. Your main objective should always be
putting the best product on the table, every time.