Make Use of Commercial Restaurant Equipment to Cut Costs

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Commercial Kitchen

I know that when you think
about the cost of commercial restaurant equipment, you can’t help but wonder
how that expense can save you money. However, the right equipment can actually
help you to cut costs if used as part of a “big picture” plan. You must start
at ground zero to make the most of your investments.

Plan Your Preparation

You know how much room you
have in your fridge, and how long it takes food to spoil. What you may not know
is how much food you serve on any given day. To avoid waste, and therefore
excess cost, track your sales. Within a very short time you will have
historical data you can actually use to determine what to purchase. This will
allow you to have enough on hand rather than losing money to over-prepping or

It can be tempting to go
with instinct when planning production, but no matter how much experience you
have, your chance of being right is minimal. Track your data daily and you
won’t make this expensive mistake.

Track Waste

Ok, let’s assume you have
started keeping data on the food that is eaten, so you can prep the right
amount. Another area you can cut costs is in tracking what gets wasted. Waste
can result from a spill, produce spoiling too quickly, or poor quality meats
that are hidden under better looking cuts. Why should you track the waste? Because
each loss is a hit to your pocket. You shouldn’t have to throw away half of
your greens each week because they didn’t last.

If you find that over the
course of several weeks, your produce or meat products are not living up to
your standards, it is easy to make a change to a new supplier. Additionally, if
you consistently find that a particular shift or employee is prone to kitchen
accidents that send expensive dishes tumbling to the floor, you will know what
to do.

How Is Commercial
Restaurant Equipment Part of this Equation?

Commercial restaurant
equipment is much more than just stovetops and restaurant tables and chairs;
although it’s all that too. Your computer, programs, books and all the rest of
the back office falls under equipment as well. Finding software that helps you
to track both prep and waste helps you to save money. If you don’t have
something like that immediately available, it’s time to start creating
spreadsheets and charts you can use with ease. Chances are, though, that your supplier can help you find the products
you need to help you keep track of all aspects of your business.

That said; don’t forget the
value of investing in restaurant quality equipment in every room of your
business. Restaurant grade tables and chairs are built to withstand the kind of
abuse only dining guests can dish out. Professional kitchen equipment enables
your staff to cook efficiently, quickly and creatively. Together, all these
tools help you to cut costs and increase profits daily.