Keeping Servers From Going Nuts on the Job

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Restaurant Server

that have servers on the staff face challenges that typical fast food or buffet
restaurants simply don’t see.
challenges start during the hiring process.
After all, it’s important to avoid servers who will forget the guests
occupying outdoor restaurant furniture or simply hide in the back when things
get tough.
Sadly, patrons can contribute
to these staffers getting a little nutty, but there are ways restaurateurs can

and Be Firm About Acceptable Substitutions
who overly change a restaurant menu through substitutions can drive servers
Waiters are often left wondering
whether a substitution is even possible, and in the end, even minor changes can
leave waitstaff flustered and confused.

is why every restaurant, whether patrons are occupying bistro chairs or old
wooden tables, should have set rules when it comes to substitutions.
Train staff on exactly what to say if guests
are getting too extravagant with their requests, and putting the simple statement
"No substitutions allowed" on menus can really go a long way in
making servers’ jobs easier.

Make Servers Deal with Nasty Patrons
is a distinct difference between an upset customer and a nasty customer.
Upset customers might say they’re unhappy
because their soup came out cold.
customers, on the other hand, might call their server "stupid"
because a fly won’t go away after they specifically chose to be seated in the
outdoor restaurant furniture.

should never be forced to deal with abusive guests.
Let them know that once a patron becomes
abusive they need to immediately seek out a manager’s help.
Many excessively angry guests will calm down
once they speak with a manager, and even if they don’t, at least it’s not a
stressed and money-strapped server having to deal with the abuse.

Eliminating Tips
of the most stressful parts of a server’s job is not really knowing what
they’ll make on any given night.
If the
restaurant is unusually slow or the server simply has several frugal guests,
it’s possible to go home feeling as if their hours of work simply weren’t worth
the time.

tips, however, can remove this potential difficulty.
Servers will no longer have to worry about
slow nights or less-than-generous patrons.
Also, they won’t get stressed when guests end up "camping out"
at a table long after their meal is complete.
This will help keep servers sane, and in the end, that’s good for

on Hiring Experience
high school students or employees who have never waited on tables before can
seem tempting.
After all, they don’t ask
for much and generally are happy to just have a job.
Doing this, however, can result in empty
restaurant booths in the end.

servers are more likely to get overly stressed, and when they reach this point,
their service could suffer or they might even be verbally aggressive with
This is terrible for business,
so it’s best to search a little deeper and find servers who actually have
experience in the field.

an eatery packed from the front door all the way to the outdoor restaurant
furniture is contingent on great service, and this will only happen when the
waitstaff can hold on to their sanity.
That’s why taking the time to implement the aforementioned policies can
go a long way in reaching success.