It’s Time to Embrace Technology!

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Social Media Restaurant

It’s a great time to be alive and in the restaurant business! One positive tweet or well shot photo on
Instagram can bring in tons of new customers and referrals, so it’s in your
best interest to do everything you can to embrace today’s technology and foster
it for your benefit. Are you taking full advantage of all that technology has
to offer you and your business?
delve into a few of the ways you can make technology work in your favor:

Social Media

If you speak to a young person today and ask them where they get their news,
recommendations and ideas, 99% of the time, social media is the answer! Whether it be telling the world they are
coming to your establishment by checking in on Facebook, or sharing a delicious
photo of the sandwich they had for lunch, they can’t help but let everyone know
what they’re doing at all times! If
they’re at your restaurant, encourage them to let people know! Offering a discount or prize for tweeting or
sharing is a great way to get your brand out there and trending.

On the flipside, it’s important for you as a business owner to participate in
the social media craze as well! Frequent
updates with specials, and pictures of your fare and events going on that day
are great ways to keep your restaurant on people’s minds! And best of all, it typically costs you very
little to implement these practices that pay off big in the short and long runs.

Table Side Tech

A new and innovative trend in the restaurant business is offering customers
the ability to charge their phones and tablets at the table. By offering a charging station with multiple
charging accessories, you are encouraging patrons to interact with their
devices while in your establishment. This option is certainly not for everyone – there are certain restaurant
types where it’s not appropriate to use your phone while dining, but for those where
it is, it can be a great and exciting thing for patrons who have business
lunches, do school work or just like to stay in touch at all times.

Pay-at-the-table consoles are also an exciting new product of the tech age –
these little devices allow patrons to pay through an interactive touch screen
credit card swipe device. The consoles
also include games, appetizer & dessert ordering options and more! These fun little devices can come with a charging
station built in to the restaurant furniture or as a standalone unit. It’s a fun little way for your guests to pay
when they are ready instead of fretting about waiting for the check, or
flagging down the wait staff.

The Perfect Shot

A food blogger once mentioned that the lighting in an establishment made a
huge impact on how readers reacted to her pictures. Depending on your restaurant style, it may be
beneficial to think about how your food will look in a selfie or food
snapshot. If you can, take a few shots
yourself to make sure the lighting sheds a positive light on your scrumptious
food offerings!

How are you integrating technology into your restaurant? Feel free to share your tips with us, we’d
love to hear from you!