It’s a Child’s World, We Just Live in It!

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Kid's Restaurant

It’s a phrase that makes most adults cringe when they hear it: “We’re having a
birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese!” Even
though it’s not a parents dream to go there and spend tons of money, they’ll do
it for their little one’s happiness and that equals big money for the
child-centric restaurant business. Child
friendly restaurants and those that cater solely to children are becoming more
and more popular as families seek out safe and appropriate entertainment that
won’t break the bank. But, what makes
these places different than any other restaurant?

If you’re a parent, you know having something for your child to do before and
after they eat is a gift that you can’t put a price on. It gives you time to relax and enjoy your
meal or drink and keeps the kids happy and entertained – it’s a win/win for
everyone. Establishments like Chuck E. Cheese’s, Putt Putt and even Stevie B’s offer lots of options for
children to choose from, and even some packages that make it easier for parents
to afford to let their kids play and eat within a fixed budget. It’s a great idea for any restaurant that
wants to bring in the family crowd to offer some type of fun activity for the
youngsters (or young at heart) to take part in.

Bright Colors
You can usually tell a family-friendly or kid-oriented restaurant by the
bright colors, shapes, large vinyl restaurant booths and vibrant illustrations
all around. Kids love brightness and
creativity – the #1 way to influence kids to want to visit your establishment
is to give off a fun, exciting and fantastical vibe. The fun thing about running a restaurant like
this is there are no limits on how much is too much. Decorate to your heart’s content! If you want a rainbow wall, then make a
rainbow wall – the world is your oyster.

Kid-Friendly Food
If there’s anything kids like, it’s these four food groups: pizza,
hamburgers, chicken nuggets and hot dogs. It’s hard to go wrong when offering these items on your kids’ menu (or
your regular menu, for that matter). If
you’re running a family-style restaurant and don’t offer any of these items,
it’s going to be difficult to get children to want to come in. They can be extremely picky eaters, but once
they find something they like, they are very loyal to it. If you can make your hamburger or chicken
nuggets their favorite item – you’ll have a customer for life.

In the end, owning and running a family oriented restaurant comes down to
letting loose and having fun. It’s not
as high pressure as fine dining, but it can be just as rewarding if you’re able
to adapt to the environment – you have to have a little childlike wonder still
in your heart to take on a project like this.