Is Your Restaurant in Need of a Little Whimsy?

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Communal Table

Let’s face it – unique is in! Restaurants with unique or fun atmospheres are drawing a lot of buzz and
fanfare, but is it the right choice for your establishment? If your restaurant prides itself on being a
5-star, high class dining experience, then whimsy is probably not what you’re
looking for. But for casual eateries, it could be just what you need! From a fun theme to allowing patrons to draw
on bar tables, anything that sets you apart can be a good thing!

Novelty Seating: For unknown
reasons, people like to sit on unconventional seating. As an example, a restaurant in Japan has
patrons sit on toilet shaped chairs and they go crazy for it! Another eatery lets guests eat in pitch black
darkness where they are served by a blind wait staff – an inventive and innovative
idea that continues to draw crowds in daily. If you have a unique idea for your restaurant, don’t be afraid to try
out something new that you think may work.

Creative Walls, Tables & Chairs: Another
thing to remember about people is they love to leave their mark! Restaurants that allow guests to draw on the
walls, tables or chairs allow the customers to feel a part of the
experience. They can come back years
later and point to the wall and say “that’s me!” It’s not an option that’s right for everyone,
but it’s an avenue that lets your customers express themselves in a cool and
exciting way.

Food Challenges: Food challenges
have become very popular in the last few years due particularly in part to “Man
vs. Food” on the Travel Channel. They
are a great way to bring guests into your restaurant—you’d be surprised what
someone will do for the promise of a T-Shirt or a picture on the wall. Offering up a challenge for your customers to
take on can be an exhilarating and bonding experience for everyone involved. It can be eating a dish with extremely large
portions, a particularly spicy item or whatever works best for your setting –
just make it fun and alluring.

Themes: Themes can be a fun and easy
way to set your restaurant apart from the crowd. Whether it be all year round or on certain
days, having a set theme and inviting guests to participate can really do
wonders for your business. Options could
include pirate day, 80s/90s night, cowboy fiesta, etc. Make it unique to your brand and go crazy!

Food Oddities: Weird food
combinations and presentations are all the rage this year. From Cronuts (croissant/donut hybrid) to the donutburger,
people can’t wait to try the newest and oddest thing. Whether they love it or hate, they will be
talking about it. If you have a strange
idea for a food combination or a unique recipe you think people would love to
taste – give it a try. It can’t hurt to
get your name out there, and when they come to your establishment, they can try
all your other great cuisine as well.

What’s your favorite unique restaurant? Tell us about it in the comments below.