Is Outdoor Seating Right For You?

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Lakeside Cafe

As winter approaches, now is the perfect time to start working on that
outdoor seating plan you’ve been plotting in your mind.
We all know patrons absolutely love outdoor
seating – there’s just something special about it!
The food tastes better, the drinks seem crisper
and you feel more free-spirited dining in the fresh air.
Spring and summer are the most desirable
seasons for enjoying outdoor dining, and if you start planning now, you can
have your outdoor dining area set up and ready in time for spring 2015!

There are a few things to consider when selecting your outdoor restaurant
furniture, let’s take a look at some of the most important questions you need
to ask yourself.

Does it rain a lot in your
area? Are you prone to heavy
wind/snow/tornadoes? Does it get unbearably hot in the summer? These are all
very important when choosing the right outdoor atmosphere for your
establishment. For those with fickle
weather in their area, a covered outdoor area with metal chairs and tables that
won’t be affected by the elements is probably a good choice, while those with very little precipitation
may enjoy comfortable padded patio style furniture.

When offering an outdoor seating area, will you need to provide heaters,
air conditioners or fans for your patrons? Above all, you want to make sure your guests are comfortable and eager
to come back! If they are too hot or too
cold, they are likely to remember that the next time they consider eating at
your establishment.

Cost & Feasibility:
How large of
an outdoor seating area can you feasibly afford? Is outdoor seating going to be a profitable
venture for you? If cost is an issue, a
small set of tables and chairs out front, or out back, can provide an easy and
pleasing alternative for your customers.

We all have restaurants that we love to visit because of their outdoor
seating, but it’s not something that every restaurant needs or wants. Is your restaurant the type that can support
a large or small outdoor eating area, and would your food options do well in
the elements? It’s important to consider
these factors when making a decision about an outdoor dining area.

Diverting Attention: Having an outdoor seating area will require staff to
be in and out of the restaurant for periods of time. Diverting staff to the outdoor area is of
utmost importance if you want it to be a successful venture. Sometimes patrons outside feel forgotten or
neglected due to the isolation – it’s important that someone be dedicated to
refilling, checking in and taking care of the outdoor guests.

With all that said, outdoor seating is an integral and important part of the
dining experience, and now’s the time to get your restaurant ready for its next
big venture! Take a look around our
catalog for a plethora of dining options to suit any type of setting.