Is It Time to Replace Your Restaurant POS System?

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Everything from restaurant booths to carpeting must occasionally be replaced in an eatery. What many restaurateurs fail to consider, though, is that their point-of-sale (POS) system will also likely need to eventually be replaced. Like any other piece of commercial restaurant equipment, these systems have a life cycle that eventually ends. Here are a few tips on how to recognize when your restaurant POS system needs replacing.

Costly Hardware and Software Failures
No system is perfect, and even the newest of POS systems can fail from time to time. If you are repeatedly experiencing downtime related to your system, though, it’s time to seek out a new solution. Every restaurateur has been in a situation where credit cards have to be run via the old fashioned, on-paper routine. This is costly and time-consuming, so if these situations keep occurring, purchasing a new system will likely be more economical.

You should also keep in mind that, when your system is on the fritz, customers can quickly get annoyed. The time to get their meal check can increase along with lengthened processing times. If people think this is a constant occurrence due to an old POS system, the restaurant booths can quickly empty out.

POS System Is Just Too Bulky
Older POS systems, just like original computers, take up a large amount of counter space. Whether this is at server stations or the front counter, bulky systems look unprofessional and take up space that could be better utilized for other purposes.

Take a peek at other restaurants’ systems when eating out. Are they more streamlined? Is there far more counter space than you could hope for? This could be a sure sign that it’s time for a replacement. Many POS systems can even be utilized on tablets these days!

No Loyalty Program Integration
Building customer loyalty is essential for any culinary entrepreneur who’s hoping to fill their restaurant booths. In the past, though, this was a difficult process to undertake. With newer technology, however, customer loyalty programs can be integrated right into POS systems.

If your POS system isn’t capable of integrating with your customer loyalty program, it may be time to reevaluate. Punch cards may work great for quick-service sandwich shops, but an effective customer loyalty program must keep up with technology. If your POS system won’t allow that, just understand that there are others that will.

Software Is Seriously Outdated

In the modern world, hardware and software is often outdated within months of its release. This doesn’t mean that you need to replace your POS software monthly, but if your system is seriously outdated, you could be putting your patrons’ private data at risk.

The news has been full of high-profile data breaches lately, but in reality, the majority of hacks are targeting smaller businesses—such as restaurants. Don’t risk your customers’ data just to save a few dollars. A data breach can result in negative media coverage and scare patrons out of ever coming back.

Just like food costs, occasional replacement of restaurant booths and paying taxes, keeping an up-to-date POS system is a necessary business expense. There are several benefits to newer systems, but this doesn’t mean replacement is absolutely essential. If you run into any of the aforementioned issues, though, it may be that time.