Is it Time to Change Your Restaurant Dining Tables?

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A restaurateur has few reasons to consider a
wholesale change in restaurant dining tables and chairs. After all, a lot of
thought should have gone into designing the dining space. Hopefully, you picked
your furniture after careful planning, and your style was appropriately matched
to your planned menu and desired ambiance.
Other than simple wear and tear you might think there is no reason to
invest in new pieces; however, dining trends are fickle.

Restaurant dining sets can fall out of style, just
like clothing. One thing we know for certain is that dining trends change on an
almost constant basis.

Fusion and Flavor

Flavors that used to be considered untouchable are no
longer sacred. For example, in Los Angeles chef Roi Choi has created a new type
of street fare by blending Mexican and Korean traditions. His fleet of food
trucks has caught fire. The unusual pairing is what brought out customers in
droves. Add the power of Twitter to the equation and it wasn
t long before people took notice.

Asian Flare is Hottest

Asian flavors are driving food innovation these days.
Diners are increasingly familiar with the ingredients of this cuisine, and the
ingredients are easy to incorporate into many dishes. Umami, a term unheard of
just a few years ago, is now on every foodie
s lips. Just adding the word to your name is nearly enough to guarantee
success. Don
t believe me? Ask Umamiburger and
Umamicatessan how well they are doing.

The catch is, if you plan to try to incorporate this
particular trend, be sure your restaurant is styled in such a way as to match
your move.

The Environment Counts

Because so many of the food trends of the coming year
are believed to be either Asian or Indian in nature, it might be a good idea to
decide if your restaurant furniture is appropriate. If your furniture is
generic in nature, like simple wooden or laminate tables, it is easy to make a

Accessories can help you to tailor the appearance of
your dining space towards whichever cuisine you want to fuse with your current
menu. You don
t have to be excessive in your
changes, simple touches can be enough. Wall murals are great additions, especially
in more casual eateries. Dishes that reflect the culture of the meal are
versatile and fun. It really doesn
t take a large

If you plan an entirely new menu, or if your current
furniture is very cuisine specific, you might need to consider a complete
renovation. In that case, make sure to talk with your restaurant supplier
before you make any purchases.

Simply put, commercial restaurant equipment and
furnishings are of better quality than residential pieces. They are designed to
withstand the kind of use they will get. Additionally, you can plan for unknown
future trends by deliberately purchasing neutral pieces which can be adapted as
needed. And believe me, those trends
will come, sooner or later.