Innovation Takes More than New Restaurant Dining Furniture

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Apple Pay

Is your goal to impress your guests by appearing to be
cutting edge? Sure, redesigning your space with new restaurant dining furniture
is a good start, but there is so much more you can do. For example, just this
week Apple released some new technology that has the potential for putting your
restaurant on the cutting edge.

Apple Pay Should Pay Off

With several new products about to be added to the Apple,
one of the most promising for restaurant owners is Apple Pay. This new
electronic wallet platform will allow diners to pay for their meals easily,
without using an actual credit card. How does that affect you? Data security is
always an issue, and having the reputation as a merchant who actively seeks to
protect that information for guests is a good move.

You Won’t Be Alone

Big names such as Panera, McDonalds, Subway and Starbucks
have already made the move to accept the new payment format. Apple has worked
with each company to create a platform that will work seamlessly in the
restaurant setting. Offering customers additional convenience will translate
into better profits and promises to shorten wait times when ordering and

The number of larger companies that are expected to join the
platform by year’s end is impressive. If the big guys can get on board this
early, you will want to keep your eye out for when smaller businesses can
access the technology. The change will likely draw in younger, more tech savvy
customers as well.

Simpler Is Better for Your Guests

One of the biggest attractions for restaurant owners is the
simplicity involved. Many small businesses have opted for some sort of mobile
credit card processing device already. The real challenge with these tools is
that they often require people, staff or guests, to engage in a long process.
Apple Pay is expected to make purchasing food and services much simpler.

Will Apple Pay Last?

One of the real challenges that have faced the electronic
wallet movement is sustainability. Other companies have tried to help consumers
make the leap. Clunky platforms and small budgets have prevented a successful
launch of the technology on a large scale. Start-ups lacked the money to back
their technology through the initial growing pains; Apple has the capital and
the reputation. Whether the platform is
successful is still to be seen; however, with the currently promised backing,
it is likely to have a good shot at victory.

Does all this mean you should forget about new restaurant
dining furniture if your goal is to redefine your eatery as new, modern, and
cutting edge? Not at all. Get your furniture and perhaps even some new
equipment for the kitchen if needed. Your restaurant supplier can help you make
the right choices. But, keep an eye on the upcoming Apple Pay launch so you can
get in on the bottom floor when availability is extended to businesses of your