If You Have Restaurant Dining Tables Outside Plan for Insect Control

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Terrace Restaurant

Setting up your patio takes a bit of work. Not only do you want to have
your restaurant dining tables specially designed for outdoor use, you want to
plan for the local insect population. Each region in the country has its own
species, but some problems are universal; ants, bees and yellow-jackets are
just some of the usual visitors restaurants encounter.

Reduce the Attraction

The restaurant dining tables that you choose to put outside can be part
of the problem. First, if they aren’t clean, they will attract insects looking
for a meal. Second, if they are made of wood that isn’t insect resistant or
treated, they can provide a home for insects. By thinking ahead when you
purchase furniture, you can avoid the second problem; the first is solved by
maintaining a strict cleaning schedule.

Lights can also draw insects, especially at night. Sodium vapor lights
attract fewer insects than mercury vapor lights. Check to see which kind you
have outdoors. Switching bulbs may reduce the insect population enough that you
don’t have to worry about guests being dive-bombed. If that doesn’t provide
enough protection, you should think about enclosing your outdoor dining area.

Screen It In

If your goal is to have your guests enjoy sitting at your restaurant
dining tables as long as the weather permits, it is a good idea to screen in
your patio area. Not only does this reduce the flying bug population, it also
gives a feeling of privacy. The enclosed space will also be easier to warm
during cooler months. Screens can be
entirely made of mesh, or opaque on the bottom. Some can be fitted with clear
vinyl blinds that can be rolled down when it rains. Pick something suitable to
your locale.

Chemical Controls

Because you own a restaurant, you have to be careful about which
chemical controls you use. Setting up wasp and beetle traps outside of the
dining area is fine, as long as the traps are cleaned out regularly. Spraying
insecticides without the proper credentials is not.

You can choose to get a jump on insects by hiring a licensed pest
control expert, even before the weather warms up. Discuss your plans with
whomever you hire so that everyone is on the same page. Regular spraying during
off hours can prevent many insects from ever being a problem. Chances are, you
already have someone who comes by and takes care of your indoor space, so
expanding your contract should be easy.

Inspect Tables Too

Some insects are relatively harmless to people, but are a problem for
furniture. Carpenter ants, wood boring wasps and termites are common examples.
They aren’t likely to bother people, unless threatened, but they definitely do
damage to wood. Set up a regular schedule to turn over any wooden furniture you
use outdoors, to check for the telltale signs of this kind of insect predation.
This will keep your outdoor restaurant dining tables in good form year after

Insects are just part of life, no matter where you are. By planning
ahead, you can keep them at bay, and let your guests enjoy dining al fresco as
long as the weather allows.