How to Help Employees Get Better Tips

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Restaurant Tips

The restaurant industry can be a difficult one, and this is especially true for servers and bartenders.  These employees can quickly become disheartened when they feel they do everything right, but still don’t secure sufficient tips.  This partially explains why the turnover rate in the industry is so high.  Whether waiting on bar tables or booths, however, there are a few things servers can do to increase their tips.  And luckily, restaurateurs can help.

Train to Repeat the Order
There are numerous lessons that a server picks up during training.  Unfortunately, these are usually related to the inner workings of the restaurant as opposed to being a great server.  Teaching servers and bartenders to repeat orders they take, though, is a huge part of great service.  It reduces the chances of errors being made, but research has also shown that it increases tips since patrons develop a camaraderie with the server.  Even if only half of the restaurant dining sets are full, this simple rule will make them more profitable.

Assign Mentors to New Hires
In the food and beverage industry, new hires aren’t often given a section of five bar tables on their first shift.  Instead, they have trainers that usually spend a few days with them.  In reality, though, assigning a "mentor" to the new hire for the first few weeks is even better.  Not only can the mentor train the freshman employee, they can also provide tips on how to better perform their job.  In the end, this gives new servers all the tools they need for success.

Get Rid of Tips Altogether
There is a current movement in the restaurant industry to phase out tipping altogether.  The eateries that do this simply increase their employees’ wages to a fair level that doesn’t require earning tips to get by.  Whether this is a good idea or not has become a hot topic in the restaurant industry, but as more eateries implement this strategy, it’s becoming clear that it works.

When servers are guaranteed to make a liveable wage, they’re happier with their jobs.  And when employees are happy, they’re more efficient and harder working.  The big debate on the issue comes from the price increase, but restaurants haven’t really had to surpass a 15 percent increase.  Since this is the widely accepted tip percentage anyway, patrons actually won’t end up paying more on average.

Implement the ‘Thank You’ Check Method
Servers and bartenders don’t usually enjoy extra steps being added to their jobs, but if a restaurateur told them they could increase their tips with two simple words, it’s unlikely they’d feel swamped by doing so.  In several studies, it’s been shown that simply writing a short "thank you" gesture on a patron’s check can increase an employee’s tips.  Plus, patrons will feel appreciated, so the pub table and chairs will likely stay full of gratified customers.

Whether it’s a Friday night with all the high-top bar tables full or a slow Sunday with only eight patrons sitting in bistro chairs, restaurant employees deserve a fair wage.  Luckily, helping them pull this off is a simple process.