How to Get Restaurant Holiday Employees to Come Back

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When it comes to special events or holidays, the seating for restaurants can get packed relatively quickly. This often results in culinary entrepreneurs bringing on seasonal help to get through the rush. Of course, these temporary workers don’t stay around, and restaurateurs can find it difficult to get their best seasonal talent coming back every year. This is essential since it reduces money spent on training new hires. Fortunately, there are a few ways restaurants can get their seasonal employees to return year after year.

Respect Seasonal Restaurant Staff
One of the most overlooked ways to keep seasonal restaurant employees coming back is to treat them as respectfully as long-term staff. They deserve the same training and the same tools of success that every new hire receives coming through the door. These workers should not be overlooked just because they’re not permanent, and if they have concerns, these should be addressed like any others. Treating temporary employees differently could make them want to avoid restaurant booths altogether.

Provide Incentives for Returning
The moment the seating for restaurants is packed is not when owners should be negotiating the return of top seasonal employees. It’s imperative to come up with incentives weeks—if not months—in advance. These incentives could include better benefits, scheduling flexibility or even a higher wage. It’s important not to let these incentives overshadow those provided to regular employees, but there’s no reason experienced former staff shouldn’t receive a few perks over rookie talent.

Give More Responsibility
If someone works in an eatery for even a month, they learn a wealth of information on how a particular eatery works. If a certain seasonal employee excels in everything they do, they may be influenced on coming back if offered a leadership position. It isn’t necessary to give them the keys to the doors or let them order new commercial restaurant equipment, but just a minor leadership role can convince former temporary employees to make time in their schedules.

Touch Base Throughout the Year
Sometimes bringing back great seasonal employees to a restaurant is as easy as keeping in touch. This doesn’t mean a restaurateur should call someone on the phone once a week, but an occasional email or call to say thanks, let them know they’ll have a spot open during the season, or even invite them to an employee gathering can go a long way.

Bring Them on Permanently
The best way to get a great temporary employee to come back is to keep them in the first place. Is there anywhere to fit them in on the schedule? Are there subpar workers whose shifts can be filled with this new-and-improved team member? If it’s possible to find a way to keep an excellent seasonal employee, do it!

Don’t Forget to Ask!
The most overlooked way to get great seasonal talent back is to simply ask them. At the end of the season, have a sit-down conversation at a café table away from customers and ask about their experience. This is a great opportunity to ask if they’d be interested in coming back and asking for their permission to stay in contact.

Busy seasons require extra help if the influx of people occupying the seating for restaurants is to be handled appropriately. Fortunately, there are plenty of people looking for temporary work, and for those who excel at the job, the aforementioned tactics can do wonders in attracting them next year.