How to Accent Your Restaurant’s Style

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Restaurant Design

We’ve talked extensively about restaurant furniture, but what about the items
that help bring it to life and make the
furniture pop? Accents can be just as important as the furniture you choose –
once you’ve chosen sturdy, beautiful and well crafted pieces for your
restaurant, the next step is the bring the whole theme together with small touches
here and there.

Flowers, Candles and Lamps
Adding flowers, candles and lamps to café tables can help make them look
more elegant and spacious at the same time. If your restaurant doesn’t have very bright lighting, a lamp on, or
above, the table could be a good idea for customers who require a little more
light than others (there’s nothing worse than a restaurant where you can’t see
your menu or your food). Flowers have a
way of brightening up and bringing a room together – it’s not even necessary
that the flowers be alive, there are a plethora of beautiful artificial flowers
out there that can really make a table or foyer pop!

Candles, however, require a little extra care. If you are a kid-friendly restaurant, you may not want to have open flame
candles on the table – knocking a candle over could lead to a very dangerous
situation. We recommend electric votives
for those establishments that have a lot of little visitors. But, if you are a fine dining establishment,
candles are a must! The atmosphere and
aesthetic they provide are second to none and have become expected by

Don’t be afraid to dress up your walls a little. If you’re a bar, pub or casual
dining establishment, don’t be afraid to dress up your walls A LOT! Artwork and niche photos can really add to
the eating experience, many local restaurants like to feature local artists or
events or silly phrases that keep the customers talking. The best part about art is that you really
can’t go wrong; each person will take something different from it. Feel free to express yourself through your
restaurant – just try to keep it appropriate if you are a family-friendly

Table Dressings
A lot of restaurants have shied away from tablecloths and cloth napkins, but
if you are a fine dining establishment, you may want to continue that
trend. Long, white linens tell customers
that you offer a more selective and quality fare than the local diner down the
street, and that’s why they come to you during their special events and
holidays. Sometimes the old classics
work, never feel like you have to cave to pressure and change.

The #1 thing to remember when adding accents to your restaurant is to be
yourself, be creative and have fun with it. This is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time, you might as
well love what you see!