How Sustainable is Your Outdoor Restaurant Furniture?

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Outdoor Furniture

In the growing world of sustainability,
some people go to extremes to meet appearances. Chances are, none of your
customers will ask about the harvesting practices of your tables or chairs, but
that doesn
mean they aren
impressed by those restaurateurs that go the extra mile. What do I mean? Well,
think of it this way. If you can promote yourself as the kind of owner who
cares about the environment, you are half way home when it comes to green

Green Grows Your Business; Even Green
Tables for Restaurants

Yes, the primary reason people will visit
your business is for the food. No amount of eco-friendliness will bring in
guests if your food is mediocre and your service appalling. On the other hand,
being known as the
sustainable restaurant in your neck of the woods can certainly increase your
clientele; especially among those who have a bit more to spend.

Sustainability is the cry of the day.
That includes Norway
fisheries which are now offering sustainable seafood to the U.S., the trend to
track food from farm to table and local sourcing. Just go into your local
supermarket and you will see the incredible increase in the way stores market
sustainability and localvore habits. Those same shoppers will appreciate your efforts
as well.

Spread the News

Once you make the choice to become
sustainable, to the degree possible, let your guests know. You might add a line
at the bottom of your menus stating that your new floors were sustainably
harvested. Include information about local products you serve, listing the
source from which you made your purchases. Some diners are thrilled to see that
you offer veggies from your local farmers and meat from a local grower, and
will order that to support a growing trend.

Turn to Your Restaurant Suppliers

So, where are you going to find these
elusive sustainable products? Where else? Call your supplier. If they don
t have a connection already, they will be
eager to help you out and start looking for those sources you want. Most
suppliers have already made a connection with local farmers and food sources,
but it can take a lot of work to find such people on your own; that is, unless
you can afford to shop at food markets every day and then design your menu

Your supplier will not only be able to
help you find the foodstuffs you need, they will be able to help you make the
most sustainable and affordable choices when it comes to the
hardware of the business. Tables, chairs, kitchen
equipment and all those other things that are essential to the day to day
operations of your restaurant are all available to you in one place.
Furthermore, the economics of size will make the products offered to you by a
supplier that much more manageable in your budget.